Infectious Diseases – A Global Threat

International & national health experts gathered in Chennai to combat range of emerging and reemerging infectious diseases. The Apollo Hospitals Group inaugurated the 2nd Annual Conference of Clinical Infectious Disease Society on 24 August. Chairman, Dr. Reddy, stressed on the need of the hour to fight against infectious diseases, which are the leading cause of death in India.

Even though rapid advancements have been made in several spheres of medicine and mortality due to several infections has been brought down, the micro-organisms are staging a comeback. Over half of the world’s population is still at risk of malaria with 650000 deaths annually (85% in children under 5yrs). About 9 million new cases of tuberculosis occur annually of whom about 1.5 million die.

Issues of sanitation and hygiene still plague Indian towns and cities. Childhood immunizations have picked up but still more than half of Indian children are not fully immunized. Preventive immunization in adults which is well established in most developed countries is still a distant dream in India. Bacterial resistance is rampant due to inappropriate antibiotic use. Infection control in hospitals has to be strengthened.

The Clinical Infectious Diseases Society (CIDS) is an organization of and for physicians, health professionals and scientists that advances the specialty of Infectious Diseases in India through programs of education, research, advocacy and professional support. Their mission is to fight against Infectious Diseases in India by educating healthcare professionals, sharing new knowledge, advancing research, and advocating care of the highest quality for patients.

CIDSCON 2012 is the second annual conference of the Clinical Infectious Disease Society (CIDS). The 2-day long Conference on Clinical Infectious Diseases was preceded by preconference symposium & workshops.