International Day of Yoga: Videos to get you started

crop2_240x240_5thoct14International Day of Yoga is being celebrated around the world on 21st June. Yoga Gurus have lot of positive thoughts about this initiative and events are being conducted around the world to not only promote Yoga but to get like minded Yoga enthusiasts together.

Here’s what Sri Sri Ravishankar has to say on International Yoga Day:

Sadhguru says, “Yoga does not mean twisting the body, holding the breath or something else. The word “yoga” literally means union. In one’s experience, everything has become one. Yoga is a system of raising human ability to perceive, to enhance individual human beings to realise their ultimate nature. Yoga is the most profound exploration of the very mechanics of life.

International Day of Yoga is coming at a crucial time. The yogic science is of utmost significance now, like never before. Earlier, in pursuit of wellbeing, people have looked up. This has brought a lot of hallucination, and created continuous wars between one kind of heaven and another. They are fighting over a God or a heaven that both of them have not seen, but they are willing to fight to death. In recent times, there has been a shift towards seeking wellbeing from the outside world. In the process of trying to take the juice of life from outside, we are destroying the very source of our living – the planet itself.

The message of yoga is this: “Not up, not out – in. The only way out is in.” If we look up, we are in conflict. If we look out, we are in conflict. But if we look inward for our wellbeing, there is never any conflict – not in the world, not within us.” (as given on

Here’s a video of an event conducted at the Embassy of India on May 11, 2015 where Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev talks about ‘Relevance of Yoga in Modern Life’ .

Another interesting video that was made in the light of International Day of Yoga was ‘Namaskar – Yoga for All’ where famous personalities around the globe do Namaskar, the simplest form of Yoga which, when two hands are brought together it is said to create peace within yourself and your surroundings.

Inspired? Before you go to participate in Yoga events in your neighborhood, do watch these videos on Common Yoga protocols to follow. These videos give you a background on how Yoga came about, what are the different types of Yoga you can practice and protocols to follow while practising Yoga.

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