Jogging: The least skilled workout

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For anyone who’s contemplating losing weight and is planning to make their lives healthier and more disciplined, jogging could be one of the best way to make a start.

In these times, when there is so much pressure from work and other factors that are affecting our health, working out regularly becomes an important part of our daily routine. But oftentimes, we just get confused over which form of workout would be the best for our bodies. And this consumes the maximum time. We mull over this thought for some time and eventually end up doing nothing. To tackle this problem, one simple way to stay fit is jogging. You don’t have to be an athlete to start this workout. No, not at all; in fact, all you need is the courage and a bit of will power to stick to this regime. You just need to start running. It’s indeed a great way to stay fit. Just an hour of jogging can keep you fit and away from a lot of maladies. Regular running builds strong bones, improves cardiovascular fitness and helps maintain a healthy BMI.

Jogging for a longer life
Staying active throughout your life is the single most powerful way to remain healthy and live long enough to enjoy your family and all the things you’ve worked for. Jogging also makes you more active, thus helps your family life blossom. According to a recent study, jogging for as little as an hour a week can add years to your life expectancy. According to Danish heart expert Dr Peter Schnohr, jogging at a slow or average pace can increase life expectancy by an estimated six years.

Jogging for better mental performance
Apart from increasing life expectancy, did you know that jogging also has the potential of improving the mental performance? When you jog, your body makes the brain release endorphins, which are chemicals that create a sense of contentment and positive wellbeing. Not only can this boost your short-term happiness, but regular jogging can also increase your levels of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Jogging to ward of obesity
In today’s times, as we indulge so much in junk food and other adulterated and processed food products, obesity has become an important enemy of our healthy life. In fact, because of all this, we can’t even say that our lives are healthy.

Jogging for a healthier living
Hence, regular jogging can be a small step towards a healthy lifestyle. First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama has also endorsed jogging as one of the important factors of taking a step towards a healthy life. In a recent video, published by The White House, US President, Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are seen taking a jog around the White House in between meetings and signing documents. They carried out the run around the White House in response to a challenge set by Michelle Obama. Although, this was done to raise awareness of her ‘Let’s Move’ campaign to get children to stay fit, this does hold true even for grown-ups.

No one can dispute the fact that jogging can help you to lose weight. However, not many are aware of its additional benefits. Jogging can enhance your cardiovascular system and its capacity, thus conferring a positive influence on various aspects of your physical and mental being. Simply by making a commitment to jog regularly while maintaining a steady and consistent pace, you can develop far greater levels of fitness and improve your overall outlook on life. After all, if Obama can do it, so can we. ‘Yes, we can!’

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