Keep that hair silky, bouncy in winter

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Dry scalp, dull hair, dandruff and excessive hair fall – all these problems besiege you in winter. And fretting and worrying can worsen things, say experts, claiming the problem can be controlled with the right treatment.

The importance of hair can be understood from the fact that those with a receding hairline or bald patches are queuing up outside specialised hair transplant clinics and splurging on treatments.

Rohit Batra, dermatologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said: `It is a temporary phase and people shouldn`t get tense thinking about it because stress is also a reason for excessive hair fall.

`Flaky skin, frizzy, rebellious hair are common during winter, but it can be avoided and repaired.`

To keep the tresses lustrous and bouncy, Batra suggests that one should `oil hair regularly`.

`Winters usually bring fungal infections and dandruff. The fungal problems aggravate when people do not wash their hair frequently, when they do not oil their hair or let the conditioner stay for a longer duration.

`Another factor is that in winter usually people wash hair with hot water, but they forget that it is not advisable. They should wash hair with lukewarm water because hot water leaves the scalp dry,` Batra added.

If dermatologists are not available, one can consult hair stylists who are trained and can dole out good hair care tips.

`Season change always has certain side effects. Be it monsoon or winter, it is a time when everyone needs to take care of one`s skin and hair,` stylist Raj, who is associated with Prince and Princess beauty clinic, said.

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