Kidney disease is hereditary: Dr. Joshi

pic_04_240x240Dr. Vyanketesh Joshi is chief trustee of Siddh Dhyan Foundation (SDF), India’s leading Herbal Healthcare and Research Center. He is currently running multiple medical centers in Mumbai and its suburbs. He has treated over 10,000 patients with various diseases especially kidney disorders, arthritis, heart diseases, lung diseases, cancer, fibrosis, Parkinson’s and much more. His mission is to carry out research activities in medical field to find safer and more effective treatments and medications for diseases like CKD, cancer, AIDS, fibrosis for the benefit of the society and mankind. Dr. Vyanketesh Joshi received Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award for his contribution and achievement in the field of Holistic Healthcare & Ayurveda.

Dr. Joshi answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

i am suffering from Neck pain, cant move neck left right Write your details on or visit our centre as I cannot prescribe anything without more details. Is there any one to respond? 180030705577… our toll free no.

What is fibrosis?
Fibrosis is the condition of the lungs. Slowly the lung tissue gets damaged but the damage can be controlled by holistic herbal way. A number of patients have treated successfully in the same way.

My wife suffering from migraine for last 30 years. Can you suggest any remedy. Do head massage with almond oil everyday for 15 mins. Or you can write to us on

My son aged 21yrs is suffering from cervical spondylosis (c3-7)from past 2 yrs, as a result he can’t hold pen and write as he gets lot of pain. can ayurveda help him
Yes we have good treatment. Your son can be treated within 3 months with herbal medicines. sorry doctor , forget to add in this question.

Is there any medication that you can recommend to take. I know this disease effect the brain too, lately, I brought supplement for the brain, but she say the capsule to difficult to swallow. Thank you.
There is a good medicine for this disease. We can treat it in herbal way. And medicine can be given in any form, like syrup, capsule. And massaging head with medicated oil will also help. Because the ingredients of the medicated oil reaches to the blood.

My niece got huntington disease inheritence from family. My mother in law herself and family died of these disease. Can you tell me is there any way to cure this disease,
There is a good medicine for this disease. We can treat it in herbal way. And medicine can be given in any form, like syrup, capsule. And massaging head with medicated oil will also help.

Can the non-functioning kidney cause recurrent UTI’s?
No. UTI is different from non functioning kidney but chronic UTI may lead to kidney failure.

What effect does diabetes have on the kidneys?
Diabetes is harmful in 2 ways. One is chemical medications which are consumed to control the sugar and the other is high blood sugar level which damage the blood regulatory system.

Is kidney disease hereditary? Yes. everything is hereditary including nature. What is the recovery time after a kidney transplant? What kind of lifestyle changes do you need to make?
3 months. Regular exercise of 30-45 mins, small 4 meals are advised When the kidneys are echogenicity what does that mean? Kidney is made by in no. of nephrons which helps to filter the blood and purify the blood. Echogenecity is the image of the nephrons which shows the damage of the nephrons.

For patients who need dialysis, how often does it need to be done? Daily?
If he requires then any alternate day.

What is the target blood pressure in CKD?
Lower blood pressure is 80-90 and upper is 130-140.

What drugs can make CKD worse?
All chemicals are harmful for the CKD. Painkillers, some diabetic pills, blood pressure are harful for the CKD.

Who should have their urine tested for protein?
Who is having a higher blood pressure should check the urine for protein.

What are some other causes of kidney failure, and what can be done to prevent it from happening? Enemies of the kidneys is diabetes blood pressure and chemical medicines like antibiotics, pain killers. Please keep away from these three enemies and your kidneys will be healthy.

I also read that nervous leg syndrome goes along with kidney disease?
Both are different.

What is the relationship between blood pressure and kidney disease?
Blood pressure is the disease of blood circulatory pipe system and kidney is net of the blood circulatory pipe system so it has direct relation with the kidney.

Being over weight, can that cause your other kidney to shut down?
Yes it is one of the reasons for kidney disease. Can ayurveda alone help to treat obesity or lead to weight loss? Yes. Holistic medicine and panchakarma helps to reduce weight.

Can vitamin or mineral supplements be taken while on ayurvedic medication?
Infact taking minerals and vitamins is not good in chemical form. Food is the best form of vitamins and minerals.

Sir is Ayurveda and Yoga co-related? Does one need to follow yoga while on ayurveda medication?
No. For any medicine exercise is required and Yoga is a form of exercise. So it would be complimentary if one does yoga with Ayurvedic treatment.

Is there an ayurvedic treatment for depression? Is it a lifetime treatment?
Yes there is good treatment , not lifetime but atleast 3-6 months.

What is your take on general ayurvedic medicines and syrups available easily, that is for common health disorders like cold, cough, indigestion, acidity,etc. Can one take this without prescription?
You can take the powder of the herbs of Guduchi and ashwagandha or syrup form drakshasav.

Is it true that gold, silver and diamond are also used in some ayurvedic medicines?
Yes it is used but to produce these medicines it takes longer than usual, may be years. The main thing is to convert it to organic.

Are animal products also used in ayurvedic medicines? Which ones?
Yes. Cow’s ghee, urine, etc.

What kind of herbs generally used for ayurvedic medicines?
All herbs are used but only using herbs is not important but their standardisation is very important. And we do standardisation in our laboratory.

Are all ayurvedic medicines vegans?
There are some with animal products but 99 percent are vegans and 1 percent with animal product.

Are there any other ayurvedic treatments for heart problems besides panchkarma?
With herbal medicines also heart ailments can be treated.

How long does the panchkarma treatment generally last for heart problem?
10 days.

Does panchkarma help in reducing the cholesterol level?
Yes. Without medicine panchkarma can help to reduce cholesterol and all pills which are used to reduce the cholesterol are harmful for the liver.

Are there any ailments or any kind of health circumstances when ayurvedic medicines should be avoided?
No there aren’t any.

Greetings Doctor. My brother is 17yrs old. He is interested in making career in ayurved medicine. Please guide. He should appear for 12th science first, then appear for all India enterance test.

What kind of diagnosis and tests are involved in ayurved for cancer detection and treatment?
For any diagnosis three tests are important: 1) What patient says and what he/she feels 2) what doctor understands 3) all the tests like blood tests and scan. Sometimes all tests provide false reports. So if you are treating on only test reports it is wrong. Complete diagnosis can be made by three… 1) Patient 2) Doctor 3)tests including biopsy.


Can ayurvedic treatment be combined with allopathic treatment? Is it safe?
Yes it can. Because ayurvedic treatment is a part of food and you cant take allopathic treatment without food. So taking both together is harmless.

Sir have you treated cancer patients completely through your treatment?
Yes we have many patients of cancer who have been treated successfully.

Please suggest some daily ayurvedic tonic for energetic life.
Food is the best tonic for good health. If you consider any two fruits and one tsp homemade cow’s ghee with warm water after every meal is advised.

If Ayurved is more effective or safe, then why don’t we have more ayurved treatment centres in India? Ayurveda has originated from India. And India has always been ruled by others. But now time is changing in faster way, there are many ayurveda centres in India. SDF has 6 centres in Mumbai and very soon we will spread all over India.

Can you please give an insight on the update of Ayurvedic treatments available today?
Kindly visit my website for an update on Ayurveda.

Doctor I have heard that ayurvedic medicines are comparatively slower in treating. Is it true?
No. Its a myth. People tend to start with ayurveda as a last treatment before they try other pathies. Instead they should start with Ayurveda as the first treatment.

Do you also consult online? Yes.

Where is your Herbal Healthcare and Research Centre?
Many branches in Mumbai city. Kindly contact tollfree no. 180030705577

There are many myths related to Ayurved. Please name a few.
There is a myth that it takes longer when compared. Duration of the treatment is related to the chronicity of the problem. It is not related with the medicines. And another myth is it has a medicine for only chronic and not acute which is again wrong. People tend to start with ayurveda as a last treatment before they try other pathies. Instead they should start with Ayurveda as the first treatment.

Hi Dr. I want to know about your treatment for Parkinson?
In parkinson rejuvenation of brain cell is very important and to rejuvenate brain cells needs holistic approach and moreover there is no medicines in the other pathy which rejuvenates the brain cells.

Does ayurved treatments work for all ages?
Yes.. from one day to 100 years.

Are there any precautions that should be taken while on Ayurved medication?
If ayurvedic medicines are made by inorganic substance it may be harmful for the kidney but if only made by organic or herbal medicine then it is 100 percent safe.

And what about heart diseases, does ayurved medication offer permanent cure to heart ailments?
Yes it does because it has holistic approach, medicines are very safe and due to holistic approach it considers everything from diet, exercise, mind and body.

Hello Dr. What treatments are available for diabetes in ayurved?
Diabetes is a disease of the beta cell of the pancreas which secretes the insulin. In diabetes the secretion of the insulin gets reduced. In other pathies they stimulate the beta cells, but in ayurveda it gives strength to beta cells of the pancreas. Eventually more stimulation causes death of the beta cells.

There are many debates on Ayurveda. Why would you say that it is more effective when compared to other medications?
Approach is very important and Ayurveda has a broader approach. Suppose if leaf has a problem only focussing on leaf will not give permanent solution. To solve the leaf problem you have to consider whole tree including the soil, stem, etc. And this is holistic approach whereas other science concentrates on leaf only.

Does ayurved medication have any kind of side effects?
It is a very good question. As compared to chemical medicines it has less side effects. In ayurveda there are two types of medicines, organic and inorganic . Inorganic has little side effects.

Is there any remedy or treatment for stress in Ayurveda? If yes what is it?
Yes there is a good treatment for stress in ayurveda. You can try ashwagandha or regular head massage and exercise. If body is healthy mind will be healthy. To treat this it needs holistic approach.

Good afternoon Sir. I want to know what is Panchakarma therapy.
Panchakarma includes five processes to detoxify our body. Our body can be divided in 3 parts, that is upper, lower and middle. So panchakarma is based on the part of the body. When does acute renal failure occur? Acute renal failure occurs due to blood loss or sudden low blood pressure.

Is smoking also bad for kidney?
Yes. Same as alcohol.

How does alcohol affect one’s kidney?
Taking alcohol it affects the blood circulatory pipe system and it loses the elasticity of the pipe system and eventually it leads to blood pressure and kidney failure.

Does kidney disease often lead to kidney failure Sir?
Yes obviously. Any kidney disease leads to kidney failure.

What are the risk factors for developing disease related to kidney?
Diabetes, blood pressure and chemical medicine like painkiller , antibiotics, steroid, etc.

What are the first symptoms to indicate that the kidneys are not functioning well?
Till 90 percent of the kidney damage the person remains symptomless, so it is important to get urine microalbumine level. This will give the correct level of kidney function.

Does kidney functioning decrease for everyone with aging?
Yes aging process does decrease the process of kidneys but we can prolong them with herbal medicines.

Is caffeine in the form of tea or coffee bad for our kidneys?
Both are bad only….. less or more…. Doctor please tell me how can we keep our kidneys healthy? Enemies of the kidneys is diabete,s blood pressure and chemical medicines like antibiotics, pain killers. Please keep away from these three enemies and your kidneys will be healthy.

I take 2 Rotis + Subji at 8am I reach office at 9am. I feel sleepy. Is it the symptom of Sugar? I am using Nebicard-H, Telma 40mg and Clopivas 75mg for BP. Now BP is under control. Please guide me what is the cure for my problems.
You are feeling sleepy in office in morning time , to avoid this take a light and early dinner. If you need any medication you can write to me on

My wife is continuously having back pain,BP,leg pain. She could not walk much. If she go for morning walk, she is complaining feverish tendency. Kindly advice sir.
Though back pain leg pain BP seems to different but these all are connected with each other. In holistic approach all these problems can be treated very well. I need more details for further advice. You can write to

I have problems of sexual potency. I am a male of 50 years of age. Is this curable???
In sexual potency there is a lacking blood supply towards sexual organ. To increase the blood supply in holistic medicine we use local and oral medicine which gives better result. Sir, I am suffering from IBS for the past 30 years. No medicine has helped me to overcome this problem so far. Is there any effective medicine that will cure me of my IBS Yes there is a very good medicine in Holistic herbal way which can cure completely IBS. Because IBS requires holistic approach and herbal medicine.

What changes in diet can help with kidney disease?
In kidney disease diet timings are more important than perculiar diet. In timings four small meals are very essential for kidney health like 7-8am, 12-1pm, 4-5pm and 8-9pm.

What are the most important facts about chronic kidney disease for primary care clinicians?
70 percent kidney failures occur due to diabetes and blood pressure. So the important and holistic way to treat Diabetes and blood pressure is essential.