Kidney problems accelerate heart disease

It is important to note that in our body the heart does not function in isolation. To take good care of one’s heart, it is important to keep a check on overall health.

Not only cardiologists, but nephrologists today support the fact that a problem with your kidney can speed up your journey towards heart ailments. Kidney problems represent one of the leading causes of cardiac disorders and deaths due to cardiac ailments.

“Kidney and heart disease go hand in hand due to the fact that diabetes and hypertension are two main culprits for both the diseases.

Kidney disease invites heart disease due to problems of fluid overload, anemia, increased cholesterol and various metabolic and hormonal imbalances including calcium and with the progression in the stages of kidney disease, cardiovascular disease starts playing its sway.

One of the major causes of heart disease in CKD patients is the imbalance between calcium and phosphate levels in the body. Phosphate binders are given to the patients but these are calcium based binders leading to a further imbalance of calcium and phosphate level in the body.

The end result of such imbalance is cardiac and vascular calcification which leads to heart disease,” says Dr Keshav Das Sadhwani, Consultant Nephrologist, Yashodha Hospital, Ghaziabad

Says Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Senior Consultant and Head of Department Nephrology, AIMS Faridabad, “A kidney disease patient on dialysis has a three times higher risk of heart disease and premature death. The problem is augmented because many people are unaware of this fact and do not go for detailed and regular evaluation. Hence it is important for a kidney patient to undergo proper and regular health screening in order to avoid any cardiac problems.”

On the other hand, all cardiac patients are at risk for chronic kidney disease and must be screened for this.

It is important to encourage simple health screening tests such as urine and blood tests. Early diagnosis and treatment not only halt the progression to end stage renal disease, but it can also reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease which is the most common cause of premature death worldwide.

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