Lack of sleep makes women grumpier next morning

A new Duke University survey has found that women wake up far more grumpier than their male counterparts.

In fact, the research stated that females need far more sleep than men and they suffer more mentally and physically if forced to go without it, CBS News reported.

Lack of sleep appears to put them at higher risk of heart disease, depression and psychological problem, but sleep seems to have less effect on men”s health.

The research found that men with sleeping problems showed no increased risk of the conditions that were affecting the women.

In this particular study, women had more depression, anger, and hostility early in the mornings when they weren”t getting the same amount of sleep than they normally get, said Michael Breus, a clinical psychologist, sleep expert and author of “The Sleep Doctor”s Diet Plan.”

“When they have problems falling asleep, staying asleep, that seems to have a dramatic effect,” he added.

Hormones may be the reason for this effect of lack of sleep on women, researchers suggested.

They suggest that since men and women are so different hormonally, women may require more time asleep to regulate and keep their hormones in balance.

Lack of sleep not only affect emotionally but also physiologically affected, said Breus.

The study found that women who didn’t get enough sleep had an increase in a clotting factor, which leads to stroke, he said.

The researchers also noted that there are certain inflammation markers that are higher in women. Inflammation leads to pain, so women could be in more pain than men, he added.

Source: ANI