Life life and love life to glow!

Namita Jain is a Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant and a Clinical Exercise Specialist takes time out of her busy schedule to chat with readers of Sify. We bring you the complete chat transcript.

How to increase my body weight?

Add weight training to your exercise regimen. Include foods that are rich in protein such as lentils, milk, tofu, egg whites in your diet

Hi…im 22…my weight is 78 and height is 181…I wanna reduce my weight….so suggest me wat all things i wanna do regularly..

Exercise (walk 1 hour) daily, watch your diet (eat low-fat foods), drink 2 litres of water everyday and remain positive.

I am 41 weigh 86 Kg and height is 167 cm want to shed 12 Kg.Very low on diet office is 8-30 to 8-30 please suggest regime

Walk daily 1 hour and eat regular low-fat, healthy foods

Hi…give me some tips to reduce extra fat

Exercise daily and eat foods that are low in fat

Hi.I have a big tummy.Kindly advice on how to reduce

Walk regularly 1 hour everyday, do ab exercises and watch your diet!

Is there any exercise to prevent bow legs from getting worse

Please consult your doctor

hi i m chirag jain and i m 30yrs old…. could you please help me with some tips to look young and fresh and also for my skin to look glowing. thanks bye

Exercise regularly. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday. Consume a diet which includes fruits, veggies, sprouts, nuts, low-fat dairy and whole-grain foods. Life life and love life to glow! 🙂

How to reduce belly fat by way of food.

Avoid fried foods, sweets, oily foods and refined foods. Eat regularlr low-fat foods that are nutritious and rich in fibre

How to reduce discomfort from flat foot

Wear a good arch support

I have full cheeks, wat to do to make my face trim, my body is lean

Everyones body is unique and maybe your full cheeks are genetic.

Will pranayama give relief for sinus

It may help, but pranayama will not cure your sinus

When is the best time to do yoga

In the morning before food or 3 hours after a meal

Is it ok to drink milk everyday even after 40 yrs

Yes, if you are watching your weight it is a good idea to drink skimmed or low-fat milk

Hii….im 25 yrs of age. my weight is 105 kgs. i do go to gym…i wanna loose on my weight…pls suggest

If you exercise regularly – then you must focus on following a sensible diet plan to lose weight

How much should i walk to increase my hdl, it is now 38, ldl is 100, age 38, wt 70, ht 165

Walk 1 hour daily

Madam, my sugar does not go below 200, age 53 wt is 66 ht is 170, is exercise helpful

Exercise can help to control blood sugar levels, walk daily 1 hour. However, you must follow the advice for your doctor and take medications, if prescribed regularly

I like papaya, is it ok to eat it daily

Yes, it very good

Is it ok to meditate at night?

Of course!

Can i do yoga in a airconditioned room


How to use my gymball effectively

You need to learn the technique of exercising on a gymball from a qualified trainer – such as how to stabilize on the ball and exercise with correct form

Can u suggest a vegan diet chart for me, ht 165 wt 63, age 26

For detailed answers such as this one, pl mail

Is there any specialsied clinic for retired persons especially mothers to be taken care for diet and fitness planning for longevity?

Sorry, i do not know of any such institute

I am 178cm and 90 kg. wat should be my ideal weight and how to lose weight

If you are a male you can aim to lose about 7 kgs – exercise regularly and watch your diet (eat low-fat, healthy foods at regular intervals)

How is the heart rate to be calculated while jogging?

(220 – age) multipy by your target heart

I eat a lot if im sad, how do i divert myself?

Find other ways to be happy – go shopping, watch a movie, meet friends, go for a massage… and you will be cheered MINUS the extra calories 🙂

An exercise for children with down’s syndrome?

Any exercise that they enjoy is good for them

I am travelling a lot because of my work, how to stay fit

Walk for 1 hour – you can walk anywhere – alternatively you could also march in place while watching TV or listening to music

I do yoga for stretching. Can i combine it with physiotherapy exercises?


I am vegeterian, have 3 rotis per meal with vegetables and dal at night lots of salad, how to increase energy levels

Exercise daily, walk 1 hour everyday and try to include some yoga asanas and pranayama for increasing energy levels

What do i eat so that i dont get too fat during my due date?

Eat low fat, nutritious foods – for example skim milk instead of full fat, baked chips instead of fried, fruits instead of creamy desserts

How to lose weight after delivery?

When you are feeding your baby you should not diet, but after that follow a sensible diet plan and exercise daily

Im in my second trimester, is it ok to exercise

Yes, walking is safe.

How do you personally stay fit?

I exercise daily and eat regularly 🙂

How to choose a fitness centre?

The trainers should be qualified, facilities good and staff should be ready to answer your queries

What is the right way of doing gym at home

It doesnt matter if you exercise in the gym or at home – for results and safety – you must learn CORRECT exercise TECHNIQUE

How do we know our muscles are really getting worked out?

When you exercise, you must concentrate on the muscle that you are working, for example when you do bicep curls — tense the bicep muscle when you bend your arm – and you will feel the muscle working

Wants to loss weight upto 20 kgs currently excess from me, Can u suggest what to do

Same as above

I am overweight with height of 5.4 ft and weight of 75 kgs i want to loose from my belly and thighs .What shall i do , can i take the medicines to reduce fat

The best way and the safest way to lose weight is through diet control and regular exercise

I want to loose close to 10 kg from my thighs and belly.

Watch your diet and exercise regularly (walk daily 1 hour). Eat nutritious foods that are low in fat, avoid too much sugar.

I am 40…hight 5.61/2 weight 75kg…my problam hai fall and graying of hair…accumelation of fat around the face and waist…best way to get this off..and what should be my ideal weight.Regards thanks

I don’t know if you are a male or female – if you are a male you should weight about 69 kgs and if you are a female about 56 kgs. Please consult your doctor for hair fall, to lose weight i suggest you walk everyday 1 hour and watch your diet(eat low fat foods

Am in corporate level & mainly working in sitting condition. i gained fat in lower belly. please let me know the way to reduce the fat

Walk everyday for 1 hour, plan your meals so you consume foods that are low-in fat and do ab exercises to tone your belly

I am 41yrs and weighs 87kgs need to loose my excess weight. I do 45mins of Cardio need to know what type of food to eat for dinner.

Dinner should be the lightest meal of your day. You could consume a bowl of soup and salad before your main course so that you are not so hungry for your main course – cut back on your cereal intake during dinner and eat veggies that are lightly cooked in less oil

Age-64, height-5’10”, weight-96kg, belly-47″. How reduce d belly & weight? Walk everyday 1 hour, do abdominal exercises and eat low-fat, healthy foods at regular intervals

I am 42 years old with 5ft7inchs height. I weight around 3kilos. I need to reduce my weight. Can you please help me

Same as above

I am 36 age and my weight is 74kgs.I want to lose weight and my height is 152cms.So pls suggest something which I can lose weight faster.I am pure vegetarian.and do feel fatigue.

The best way to lose weight is to exercise and diet. Walk daily for 1 hour (do brisk walking or walk uphill) and cut back on sweets, fried and oily foods

Dear maam, i am having bad acidity so i eat a lot, how to lose weight

Eat slowly, chew your food well. Avoid spicy, heavy foods. Drink 8-10 glasses water daily. Eat small meals at regular intervals.

I am 48 yrs old with a bad scoliosis, how can i reduce my tummy, wt 72 kgs, ht 168cm

Please consult your doctor for exercise recommendations – i suggest you also watch your diet – as a high fat diet can cause weight gain in the tummy

I am of age 47 how to keep my self fit and energetic, my body wt is 65kg and ht is 180cm, feeling fatigue? pls suggest

Exercise regularly (walk 1 hour daily), learn breathing and relaxation exercises and follow a nutritious diet plan. Above all, keep your spirits high!

I am 38yrs old,F, 178pounds, for 5mnths I go to the gym. Initially burned around 200 calories, increased to 300 calories. I walk for 30mts after lunch. I joined WeightW and stick to their plan. Still gained 2pounds. Please let me know what I can do.

The best and only way to lose weight safetly is through exercise and diet control, if this is not working for you, please consult your doctor – he may suggest some tests that you may need to do.

My daughter is 20 years old and she is around 70-75 kgs can you help how she can lose weight

She must exercise regularly – she could take up a sport or walk or run. Also, she needs to eat foods that are low- in fat (example baked foods instead of fried, skim milk instead of full fat) and yet healthy.

I am 5ft.7in and 55 kg. i want to reduce my abs area. could u help me out. i have a back problem also(slip disc L4&L5)pls

Please consult your doctor for advice. Swimming is safe for the back, and also please watch your diet (consume low-fat foods)

I am 50 over weight how can I reduce weight

The best way to lose weight is by watching your diet ( consume low-fat, nutritious meals) and exercise regularly (such as walking 1 hour every day)

Though I am over weight I dont look like that How can i reduce

You must plan your meals in advance and eat regularly (every 2 to 3 hours), if there are long gaps inbetween meals you are bound to get very hungry and over eat.

Can i eat a lot of horse gram to lose weight?

You need to follow a low-fat, nutritious diet plan, in which you can include the legume horse gram (it is a great source of iron and has high protein content), but just increasing horse gram will NOT help you lose weight

My muscles are flabby. Please tell me a good exercise to tighten them

The body is made up of many muscles, so there is no ONE good exercise. You need to work on the upper body, mid body and lower body. I suggest that you include push-ups for upper body, crunches for the mid body and squats for the lower body.