Love for meat proving fatal for planet

Cut down on your meat portions and fill your plate with vegetables if you cared at all about your planet.

That is the advice Professor Mark Sutton, a scientist from the United Nations Environment Program, has given, who suggested that said we all need to become ‘demitarians’, that means eating half the amount of meat we’re currently consuming, before it costs us the planet.

According to Dr Sutton our love of meat is not only selfish, it’s fatal, reports.

She said that we apparently ate significantly more meat than people who lived one to two generations before us.

This demand for meat has doubled the amount of grain needed to feed the cattle. In order to keep up with this demand, farmers are relying on pesticide and fertilisers to speed up the grain production.

These fertilizers and pesticides are polluting the airwaves and running into the ocean, killing off fish and even threatening the lifecycle of bees.

Professor Sutton said we also need to make simple changes to current farming methods, like storing fertilizers more securely and capturing greenhouse gas emissions from their production.

According to the UN research these straightforward changes could cut nitrogen use by 20m tonnes and save billions of dollars per year.

The UN report also advocated these reduced meat habits in wealthier parts of the world offset increased animal protein in the diets of poorer and developing countries, it added.

Source: ANI