Makeup tips for eyeglass wearers: Dimple Bathija

crop8_240x240_27jan15Dimple Bathija is an internationally acclaimed professional makeup artist based in Mumbai, India. She has more than 8 years of experience in the field of bridal, portfolio, debutante, formal & special occasion makeup with a proven track record.

Having trained under ace makeup artist Cory Walia and Annie Shah from London, Dimple brings the skills developed from working alongside some of the industry’s elite to her work as an independent professional makeup artist, waving her magic wand on celebrities in the music and television industry, models in ad films, ramp shows and photo-shoots. However, Dimple’s true passion lies in creating the perfect looking bride for any wedding.

Dimple Bathija answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

How can I pick up the right eye shadow? Should it necessarily match my clothes?
Preferably yes. As it should compliment your look and your attire.

What looks best for medium eyes, eye shadows or only eyeliners or both?
Surely both.

How can I make my eyes look larger than normal through make up?
You could opt for a white kajal inside your eyes. Use mascara as it opens up your eyes.

Gd aftrn.. What shades of eye shadows you would suggest for medium sized eyes?
You could use shaded tones light to dark, lighter in the inner side of the eye shaded by the darker tone on the outer side of the eye.

You have a real glowing skin. What do you follow to keep it glowing?
Thanks for the compliment. Glowing skin is a lot to do with genetics. Also
one needs to hydrate the skin with lots of water and juices. Good intake of fruits and veggies, multivitamins, regular clean up is advised.

Do you suggest application of sunscreen before applying make up on face? Or is moisturizer application better?
Sunscreen is important for a day make up or you could opt for a BB cream or foundation with an SPF. In the nights you could stick to a moisturizer.

What is the right method to apply foundation according to you?
You could apply it with a foundation brush.

Hello Madam, Any quick and easy tip to cover mils dark circles below eyes?
Use a darker tone concealer and over it go with your brighter shade of foundation over it and seal it with a powder.

I am a 33 yr woman, with square face. I wear spectacles 24 by 7. What is your advice to me Dimple ji to make my eyes look attractive.
You could use brighter color eye shadows with lots of mascara, kohl and liner to enhance it.

What is your view on shimmery cosmetics. When is it best to use them?
You could use it for a night out, for a party, wedding or special occasions.

What are the best colors to use for eye and lip make up when clubbed with gold attire?
You can do gold and black smoky eye, coral brown reds or wine lips are advised.

Whenever I apply kohl, it spreads and smudges very quickly. Your advice to curb this?
Underline with a thin black or brown eyeliner

Now days there is a wide range of products available, but which mascara is the best that can be used for daily basis?
Maybelline has good mascaras for daily use. There is Benefit, Get real, Hypnosis by LANCOME.

Pl share some expert tips for office make up or indoor make up.
For office make up stick to long stay foundations and wear lipsticks.

Hi .. I want to know whether there are any new make up techniques or make up looks for this new year?
Clean and dewy looks are in with winged liner, with bright lip colors.

And are there any special ways to take care of cosmetics in summer?
Just store it in a cool dry place.

Is it best to keep eyeliners and nail polishes in the refrigerator?
Basically it is stored in a cool dry place.

What is the best way to store cosmetics?
Clean dry palce, avoid heat and humidity.

Good afternoon, Madam how can I de- germ my make up products?
Just clean your brushes with a mild shampoo. Use a brush cleanser by Mac.

Pls suggest some rouge colors best suited for cheeks with laugh lines. Thank you.
Stick to soft colors like natural shades of pinks and browns.

I get this laugh line on my cheeks. How to minimise this through make up?
you could use concealer and hide your laugh lines.

Are all big branded or expensive cosmetics good?
Well most of them surely are.

Apart from expiry date, what to check always in cosmetics before buying them?
the texture and make sure it shouldn’t have a foul smell.

Which shade of lip color goes best with smoky eyes?
u cld use soft shades like pinks , nudes and corals

Are smoky eyes best suited for evenings and night?
yes smoky is a dramatic look so its best to use it for a nite out

Which is the best shade to use for smoky eyes?
there r many shade available for cmoky looks..u cld use black or greys or browns to achieve the ideal smoky look

I usually sweat a lot. What should I use on face to reduce sweating?
You could use ice all over ur face first which would help on reducing oil on ur face…u could also use primers to prep up ur face before the makeup

What colors go best for thin lips?
Pinks and corals.

What is your tip to make thin lips fuller. Some make up artists suggest lip gloss for fullness. I do not like lip glosses.
You could use lip plumper to make your lips look fuller.

How to get that natural look through make up Ma’m?
To achieve a natural look stick to a light foundation, kajal and mascara, soft blush and light lipstick.

crop2_240x240_27jan15I wanted to know if it is possible to learn make up online? There are so many videos on make up on the internet.
You could get to learn it briefly online like the basics of it. So it all depends on how much you can learn and practice.

Hello M’am. I want to pursue make up as a career. I would appreciate if you could share your advice with me?
There are lots of professional make up courses available. So you could see whats suits your choice.

And also please advice on what all should I make sure with the make up artist before hiring her?
Quality and experience of work and good brand of make up.

Generally how much does a good experienced make up artist charge for a wedding make up?
The range for a good experienced make up artist could be anywhere between 20,000-30,000.

Do all make up artists offer a trial session?
Some of them do depending upon the availability but most of them are on chargeable basis.

Please tell me about some current trends in wedding make up and hairstyle.
Current trends for wedding make up- you could opt for dramatic eyes, smoky, glittery, glitzy glam, according to your attire you could personalize the look with your make up artist. For hair lots of curls and messy hair and buns are in trend.

Hello M’am Dimple,what is your expert advice on choosing right make up artist for a wedding?
Well there are lots of make up artists available but you got to see the experience and the quality of work of a makeup artist to meet your requirements. For further details you could log in to

Madam what is your suggestion on how to minimise double chin by make-up?
To minimize the double chin you can contour it with a darker shade of cream foundation. Apply it on your double chin.

Hello Madam, I have a real broad face. what is your advise to make it look narrower and lean?
You can contour your face with a darker shade of foundation . You can make your nose look sharper and cut and shape your jawline with a professional help. May be you could do the personal grooming class.

Hi M’am, I am 30yr female with nomal complexion. Will be soon getting married. Can you please give one or two important suggestions for my wedding make up?
Make sure to hire a good professional make up artist who uses good brands of products to achieve the best possible look on your special day. You could opt for some glitter on your eyes or a bit smoky depending on your attire.

Should red or bright majenta pink be completely avoided during the day?
It depends on the occasion, for regular use you could use softer tones like soft pinks and nude shades. But if its a special occasion you could surely use the bright pink and reds.

Should woman with dark or wheatish complexion never chose a red lip color?
Woman with dark complexion should use deeper tones like dark red, plums or wine.

We see a trend o bright lip colors today. What are your suggestions before choosing a bright lip color?
Bright lip colors go really well with fair complexion. For darker skin tones opt for plums and reds.

What all things should be kept in mind before applying make up on regular basis?
hi..u could moisturize and cleanse your skin and use primer to prep up your skin before applying make up.