Makeup tips to cover dark circles: Arti Damania

crop3_240x240_22sep14As an artist Ms. Arti Damania has perceived makeup and hair styling as another form of fine art. One of the things she likes most about Make-up artistry is when she discovers the faces that are hidden underneath what everyone else sees. Whether she works on a model for a photo shoot, a cast for a film production or a nervous young bride, it has always been a challenge.

Ms.Arti Damania is a professional Make-up Artist and Hair stylist based in Mumbai. She has received her training from
Bharat&Dorris. She specializes in Hair and Make up services for Photoshoots , Fashion/Print ,Commercial bookings, Editorials, Runway, Music videos, Model testing, Acting headshots, Makeovers, Film, Television, Bridal & Special occasions.

Ms. Damania answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

I have very very thin eyebrows. Looks bad if I highlight it with pencil. Your suggestion on this pl.
If you want to highlight your eyebrows, fill up the gaps with dark brown or brown eyebrow powder with an angular brush instead of a pencil, Brown makes it look natural and dark brown would make it look more highlighted. And the same colours can be used for eye shadows.

Should hair colouring be done only by professionals or at parlours to get the best results?
Yes. But covering the grey hair could be done at home as well. But if its always advisable to visit a hair salon.

What should be the right frequency of colouring one’s hair?
After every 3-4 months is advisable but if you want to touch up the grown hair it could be done as and when the colour fading takes place.

What products are the best to use on coloured hair as they get very frizzy and dry after colouring?
Shampoo and conditioners that are used should only be for the coloured hair. Use a good branded serum to control the frizzy. Go to hair spa to keep your hair well maintained.

Kindly give some advise on the use of hair colour?
Hair colour should be used according to your skin tone. It should suit your personality and one should know how to carry it well. Not everything in trend suits everyone. So best would be to take an expert’s advise.

Any advise for the storage of cosmetics? Is it fine to refrigerate eye make-up?
I would not personally do the same. Keep your cosmetics at a place that is moisture free and away from sunlight. Lipsticks can be stored in refrigerator.

Can a cosmetic turn stale even before an expiry date if not used regularly?
It depends on the products you buy, with lipsticks and base there might be a possibility.

Can you suggest a few make up precautions Ms.Arti?
For me I always wash my face before any make up application, Secondly if you doing the make up regularly carry your own sponge/ applicator. Use water proof cosmetics for monsoon.

I am 34 yrs female. Is it safe to go for cosmetic tattooing?
It is safe till the time you go to a professional tattooing expert. Check the needles. And it is safe if you visit an expert takes care of the hygiene.

And what should I look for in good cosmetics?
See to it that you buy good branded ones. Now days you have good products that also enhance your skin and also give you the desired look.

What do I need to look for in good make up brushes?
When you touch the brush it should not be rough. Take a natural brush as synthetics spoil sooner.

I want to know about brushes used for make up, what no. brushes are used for eyes, blush and lips?
Every company has different nos. Go to a beauty store and please take the information from there.

Pl advise some make up tips for teenagers, if they have to attend some function. I have two teenage daughters.
Too much heavy foundation should be avoided, use brighter shades of lipsticks, shimmery blush-ons, eye shadows can be used for parties.

Please some suggestions to get quick make overs.
You can get a good hair cut in the first place, and if you are not using make up, start using a kajal, mascara and lipstick or lipliners, tinted moisturiser. Or see an expert.

What is best technique to hide the under eye darkness/ circles?
Use a yellow or a red tone colour below your eyes and blend it well with the colour which you will use for the whole face.

Now days we get colour pencils which can be used for both lips and eyes. Is it right to use the same pencil for both?
Yes, but a good branded one.

I generally apply lip gloss on lipstick but somehow it wears off soon. How can I make my lipstick stay longer?
You can get long lasting lipsticks easily in market now days. Or you could apply the lipstick, dab it with translucent powder and apply the lipstick again, this sets the lipstick and makes it last longer. Gloss needs to be kept reapplied if you are not using a longlasting one.

I have some wrinkles on neck and face. How can I smoothen them?
Follow a regime of cleansing, toning, moisturising daily. Apply anti wrinkle creams. And for make up Use a primer to smoothen your skin tone, and when you are applying the base don’t make it look so heavy. as too much of foundation would make your wrinkles look more prominent.

And what is the right method to apply foundation? Thank you for answers.
Depends on different foundations you use, if you are using liquid base then use a brush or with palms, and if you are using a cream base then you need a sponge to apply. Application should be from centre to the edge of the face.

How can I decide which is the best concealer for me?
When you go to select a base try it on your forehead instead of wrists. And if you want to have brighter tone go for one or two tones lighter than your skin tone. But see to it you cover the areas which are exposed well enough.

Is there a way to make our eyes look larger through make-up? What cosmetics to use and what colours?
You can use disposable coloured lenses of natural colour, eg: pure hazel, to make your eyes look larger. And instead of wearing a black kajal, use a white kajal underneath your eyes to make it look bigger. And you can use black or brown eyeliner on top. And if you do not want to wear kajal you can use a heavy mascara to curl the eyelashes well.

crop4_240x240_22sep14What is the main difference between film make up and everyday regular make up?
In film make up we go according to the character of the artist, since they are in front of the camera, a heavy base is generally used, everything in film make up is elaborated whereas regular make up consists of base of moisturisers, sunscreen, kajal, light blush ons, etc

What should one remember to get that flawless look after make-up?
Flawless look can be created by keeping the look very simple. Do not use a lot of base so that the face doesn’t look cakey.

Hi M’am .. what is airbrush make-up?
Air brush make up is more of a spray make up , Its a new technique, wherein a foundation or any make up is sprayed on the face. Its a little expensive procedure.

My nose is a little broader. How can I make it look better?
On the sides of the nose use a darker blush on, on the side bridges of the nose and use a lighter tone in the centre of both the dark lines and blend it well or it may look awful.

What should be done to make the make up stay fresh and longer?
You should stay in Air-conditioned atmosphere and touch up your make up often.

How many years of experience is required to become a good make up artist?
One year is good enough.

Hello Ms.Damania, I am an arts graduate. Want to pursue make-up as career. Should I join a good academy or assist an established make-up artist?
If you join an academy you will learn a lot of things and practical experience can be achieved only by assisting someone. So you can join a good academy first and then probably assist someone.

What should be applied on face to control sweating Madam. I sweat a lot especially after little make-up.
You can use sweat control/ oil control paper sheets which you can get it easily at beauty shops. Avoi8d using a moisturiser before make up and you need dabbing you face with dry powder frequently and try and use water proof make up.

Which is the best hair style or hair cut that compliments a round face?
You need to cut the hair in layers and bring the cuts forward towards your face so it gives a nice shape to face as well.

And any make up technique to minimize double chin?
Use a dark tone of blush on, dark brown, on the double chin with a brush.

How can I make my round face look slightly oval through make-up?
You can use a darker tone of blush on to give shape to your jawline and cheek bones and chin.

I am 39 yrs female with round face and broad jawline. What is your advise on make-up for me M’am?
If you are doing make up regularly you have to use a darker tone of blush on to give shape to your jawline and cheek bones and chin.

My cousin is getting married in November this year. She is 29yrs old, whitish clear complexion. Can you her some make up tips for her D day?
Hire a professional make up artist who can make her feel relaxed and get her set for her D day. Ask her just to enjoy herself.

Should vibrant colours in lipsticks or eyeliners or eye shadows be carried only at night time?
It is more preferable in night time. But if you can carry it well even during the day, its your choice. You can be a trend setter!!

Pls recommend a foundation for dry skin.
There are a lot of professional products in foundation with SPF and moisturising agents which you can use to hydrate as well as protect your skin from the sun.

What colour eyeliner do you suggest for small eyes?
Instead of wearing a black kajal, use a white kajal underneath your eyes to make it look bigger. And you can use black or brown eyeliner on top. And if you do not want to wear kajal you can use a heavy mascara to curl the eyelashes well.

I am 26yrs female. I have a dusky skin tone. I do apply mascara and kajal. Please suggest an eye make up that can make my eyes look attractive?
You can use eyeliners. You can even go for coloured pencils to define your eyes. Add a colour but do not make it look ‘too much’ in day time.

Is it okay to apply a moisturiser or sun screen before applying make-up?
It is absolutely okay. But then you have to take care. Because pancake does not stay if applied on sunscreen or moisturiser.

Should dark complexioned women completely avoid red lipstick?
No, not at all.

What colour eye shadow do you suggest for women who have light tan skin colour?
Don’t use for colours that stand out a lot, use a brown colour if you are looking for a natural tone or you can use even peach/ pink colours.

What colour goes the best for thin lips?
Depends on the skin tone. Use a lipliner and then whatever shade you use , apply A LIP GLOSS TO MAKE THE LIPS LOOK
FULLER.You can use pinkish tones.

Madam I have long hair. But they get frizzy mostly. Pl suggest something to avoid frizzy hair.
You can use a good serum after you condition your hair well. Use a serum on semi wet hair. You can also iron your hair well. And permanent solution would be hair relaxing or hair rebonding.