Meditation: Regain youthfulness and vitality

Meditation is not really forcing your mind to be quiet; it is finding the quiet that is already there.

We are constantly surrounded by the clamour of traffic, television, computers, aircrafts, CD players, and, of course cell phones. It is no wonder then, that we often can’t hear ourselves think – or even talk. Somewhere down the line, our lives seem to have lost that ‘quiet-alone-time’. Taking time out is now becoming more and more a means of survival. It is important to pull away from the outer world of commotion and reconnect to our inner silence.

Experience the silence

Sit quietly with hands at your sides or in your lap. Now, with your eyes closed, start to breathe lightly and easily. Let your attention follow your breath. Don’t force your breath; just breathe normally. Continue this exercise for two to five minutes, just closing your eyes and focusing your mind on easy, natural breathing.

Now, what just happened with this exercise? Your mind was able to sink in to a deep state of silence and peace.

This exercise gives just a glimpse of the boundless bliss possible through the practice of meditation. As you meditate regularly, you will find a reappearance of youthful energy and vitality, serenity and calm that supersedes all other experiences.

The inner world of meditation versus the outer world

When you withdraw your mind inward, you will begin to perceive spiritual consciousness (Sat-Tat-Aum ).

Sat – Truth/ Bliss/ The Absolute

Tat – Universal Intelligence

Aum – Cosmic Vibration

Aum (om): The cosmic vibration

Aum or Amen is a cosmic sound and is basis of all sounds. It is universal symbol-word for God. It is the “word” of the Bible.

Aum of the Vedas became the sacred word Hum of the Tibetans; Amin of the Moslems; and Amen of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Jews, and Christians.

Suggested meditation practice

1.      Sit facing north or east on a woolen blanket (or a silk cloth) in padmasana (lotus pose) or in any easy cross-legged pose, or even on a straight chair (the blanket or silk cloth serves as insulation against magnetic earth currents that tend to tie the mind to material perceptions).

2.      Close your eyes and calm the mind. Keep the spine erect, chest high and abdomen in. Take a deep breath in; inhale and then exhale. Do this thrice.

3.      Silence the mind and experience the calmness within.

4.      Begin your meditation practice.

5.      After the practice continue to hold on to that peace. Say a silent prayer for healing and inner growth. Or repeat an affirmation to increase the positive thought power.

Meditation room or corner

It is important to have your own special room or corner for meditation so that in time, the allotted space generates spiritual vibrations. Your area of worship or meditation could contain an altar, spiritual pictures, any or all of the following:

Incense sticks (air element)

Ghee or oil lamp/ candle (fire element)

Water (water element)

Flowers (ether element)

A Bell (sound element)

Statue of a Deity (for worship)

Spiritual books (for inspiration)

Meditation beads (or repeating mantras a ‘mala’ or ‘rosary beads’ are generally used. They are usually made of rudraksha, crystal or tulsi)

Namita Jain

Namita is a Clinical Exercise Specialist and Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant. She is currently attached to Bombay Hospital as their clinical and wellness specialist.

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