Mental Health Q&A: Dealing with inferiority complex

Dr Hemant Mittal, neuro-psychiatrist, answers readers’ questions on Mental Health. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Tuesday.
This week’s answers:

1) Every time I say something to someone, includes both family and outsiders, I always doubt myself and feel guilty about what I’ve said. I do not use harsh words, but I still feel that I may have offended someone. How do I overcome this feeling?

2) I also feel inferior when I see others. Although everyone, including my family, tell me that I’m an accomplished home maker, I still feel that I’ve not been able to achieve what others have. I am also a great cook, mother, wife. I am the spinal cord of my family but I still feel incomplete and an underachiever. How do i give myself more credit?

a. It seems you have a fear of how others will judge you.. so this automatically creates thousands of thoughts in your mind. This leads to negativity and also creates inferiority-complex.
b. The restlessness in your mind doesn’t let you focus on your achievements and makes you feel incomplete.
c. Meditation 10min a day for 6-10 weeks will help you control this
d. Also you need to develop venting out process – like being more positive in your approach towards people, and in your approach towards yourself
e. Visiting a professional psychologist/psychiatrist should be considered as there are many non-tranquilizing, non-sleeping pill, short term medicines that can help your brain-body from headaches, body pains, constipation that this stress might be causing you

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