Mental health Q&A: Handling undue stress

Dr Hemant Mittal, neuro-psychiatrist, answers readers’ questions on Mental Health. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Tuesday.
This week’s answers:

1. I have some bad thoughts which i cant forget. It will repeating in my life again and again.The thoughts are am feeling like i have any diseases. But i have consulted with my family doctor . He s telling am alright still am having fear in my life. It
makes my life like a hell. I cant go anywhere, i cant concentrate in my work, So please suggest me what i have to do. I hope that i will get some good suggestion.

Hello Amir, you seem to have symptoms close to the medical problem called hypochondriasis. In such a case, the mind gets obsessed with the thought of illness. Every moment the mind tries to find a cause for one illness or other. It can be localized for a single disease also.
I would suggest you to consult a psychiatrist in your area immediately. Your brain is going into extreme hyperactivity. Make sure your psychiatry does a proper counseling session to help find out the origin of the problem. Identification of the origin of the thoughts will help in finding the proper cure for this problem.

2. Now-a-days, i am worrying a lot despite there is no such big incident to worry about. And due to worry i am not able to work well at office. And due to worry, i am not feeling hungry, feeling vomiting, head-ache? Sometimes i am worried about my long train
journey. While going outside with friends, sometimes i am not feeling well. and feeling of suddenly to leave the friends or place arises. Is it stress or depression..? What should I do to cure it.? Thanks..

Hello mayank, you seem extremely stressed up. From what you have mentioned it seems the stress is present at both subconscious and conscious levels.
I would suggest you the following:
a. 10min of meditation or deep muscle relaxation exercises morning and evening
b. Involvement over the weekend in an outdoor hobby / reading group.
c. Changes in your diet – Consult a nutritionist who can provide you with a anti-anxiety diet.
d. Regular aerobic exercise regime 4 times a week.
e. Maintain a diary where you can write up all your negative thoughts at least 2-3times a week.

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