Metabolic Syndrome: A growing epidemic in a corporate setting

pic_02_240x240Indeed, today poor fitness, metabolic crisis and stress have reduced proficiency and well being in all levels of corporate professionals.

Statistics indicate that 90% of the employees show a distorted blood profile and metabolic syndrome in corporate settings. Health education is poor and awareness negligible, travelling and eating at restaurants is imperative in some settings. A sedentary lifestyle, stress and absence of well-being often come free with attractive corporate packages.

In such a scenario, it becomes imperative that corporate introduce integrated Lifestyle medicine and holistic interventions with components of nutrition therapy, exercise science, cognitive behaviour strategies and other alternative approaches for their employees. Health Promotion as well as holistic programs fixing the widely prevalent metabolic syndrome, as well as providing thorough skills to eat right on tours, work on portion size, perform simple exercises, especially breathing exercise regimens and muscle stimulation routines, while travelling need to be accessible by employees of all cadre.

Appropriately planned interventions with blood tests for chronic diseases, vitamin and hormone imbalances/ deficiencies, cardio and muscle fitness tests as well as anxiety and stress scores can be addressed and fixed within a couple of months in corporate settings. Advanced botanical and nutritional supplements are now available in the market as alternative remedies for distorted blood profiles and metabolic syndrome.

Novel wellness programs and cognitive strategies are researched and introduced by humanitarians/ organizations and behaviour therapists periodically in corporate settings to nullify the stress of professional’s mind and body.

The scientific world has recognized the importance of alternative and cognitive behaviour strategies to combat this epidemic of compromised fitness and persistent stress. Substantial improvement in health and attitude has been documented by implementing structured wellness and holistic programs from organizations such as “The Art of Living’ and Inner Engineering by ‘Isha Foundation’. Surely, today, one need not be a philanthropist or sage to access such alternative wellness programs, that research indicates as significant tools for enhancing metabolism, health and balance.

Another recent introduction in wellness programs for cognitive restructuring is pointers from Nitin Ram, which follow a novel concept of ‘thoughtful meditations’, that annihilate the need to silence or control the mind and thoughts for enhanced fitness, rather help transcend the mind itself, into another realm of perception. Pointers from the book called, Self Calling by Nitin Ram, have been implemented for corporate wellness programs at Trumph (India) limited, Bank of India and AML as cognitive counter stimulus strategy to touch the very core of the intuitive state of being, relaxing and implicitly nullifying the overactive mind and mind’s arduous efforts in participants.

It’s time all corporate settings address this major crisis called metabolic syndrome, a growing epidemic in corporate settings. Healthful living is a learned behaviour; your genes may not always be your destiny. To be aware of your employee’s physical and mind health is the company’s prerogative,interventions to healthful living and independent joy are abundant and accessible. As healthcare professional profess, you are what you think you are. Wellness in corporate professionals can bring homeostasis and success.


Dr. Shveta Sanghani
Director, Wellness and Homeostasis,
Lifestyle Medicine Consultant

Dr. Shveta Sanghani is the Founder of Wellness and Homeostasis, a Community & Corporate Health and Research Centre. She has executed personal and corporate lifestyle medicine interventions for management of chronic diseases, weight loss and stress reduction. She has training in sports nutrition and exercise science.

Image: Getty Images