Mickey Mehta’s Metamorphise Contest Winners

Fitness Guru Mickey Mehta announced the winners of the Win Mickey Mehta Metamorphise DVD Contest during his chat with Sify.com readers. Read the complete transcript and check out who the lucky winners are!

What is metamorphise?
Metamorphise means simply transformation

Hi, i am 37, female, weighing 70 kgs, going to offce and taking care of a child, no time to go for walks or exercise? please suggest how to keep my body in shape
Eat half your capacity and do a lot of meal replacements with wholesome snacks, be active in house as much as possible

I am a mother of a 2 year old. my daughter sleeps very late that’s around 12 to 12.30 in the night. i get very less sleep, have to go to office too. can’t get up early for morning walks ? But i need to keep my body in shape, please advice.
Before you get out of bed do simple exercises like sitting in vajrasasan. doing half suryanamaskars, paschimottan asan, dhanur asan..

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