Monsoon Masti!: Favorite monsoon foods made healthy

crop_1_240x240july1The much awaited weather after a long spell of soaring temperatures, humidity and the scorching sun surely brings loads of fun and excitement. The cool breezy weather, colorful umbrellas, soothing sound of raindrops and smell of fresh mud are indeed very refreshing. But along with this we need to prepare for the germs and bacteria which one cannot escape coming into our foodand water, thus testing our immunity and the resistance power of our young ones year after year.

Let’s be prepared to face this season fearlessly with fun for you and your young ones.

Monsoon Must Haves

Immunity Boosters
A favorite beverage of the season is the good olchai. Enjoy a nice a masala chai with some cloves and basil leaves added to it this monsoon. This offers taste with immunity. Green Tea can also be enjoyed with the same zest and added benefits if sipped regularly. For the avid coffee drinkers, cinnamon sprinkled with dark cocoa powder works amazingly for that rich aroma and a warm flavor with immunity.

For Kids: Prepare a healthy tonic for your little ones. You can’t keep stopping them from playing in the rain and getting wet. Let them free with this yummy immunity booster- Boil water with spices such cloves, cinnamon sticks, pepper corn, black cardamom and flaxseeds. Now add a few crushed basil leaves, honey and ginger. Once the solution is boiled well, strain, cool and give a small cup to the kids to drink .This works as an amazing health tonic in the monsoons and combats colds and flu when given regularly. 1 tbsp homemade Chywanprash can also be given to aid immunity and overall health.

Taste for Your Waist
Sour and Spicy soothe our taste buds at this time of the year. Chuck the fried bhajiyas and go for the crunchy masala khakra with salsa sauce, homemade healthy bhel with spicy green chutney or a peppery tomato celery soup with whole wheat garlic bread. This can work wonders to satisfy the urge of nibbling. Chana Jor Garam and roasted chana chaat are also hot favorites which are friendly to your waistline and easy desk munchies.

For Kids: Homemade tomato sauce or garlic and leek flavored fresh yoghurt dip work best for the young foodies. Prepare anything and serve it with a yummy dip, they will gobble it all up. Crispy strips of toasts, cucumber and carrot sticks, hot paneer parathas or simply a salad fruit bowl. They love the accompaniments of their favorite flavors with almost anything.

Monsoon Fat Shedders
Yes! You heard me right…eat to burn is the trick here! Spices have been long known to shoot up your metabolism naturally. However, monsoons is the best time to indulge in spiced water as it keeps your warm and your metabolic rate high throughout the day. Start your day with hot water and a pinch of cinnamon powder added. Sip on spiced water through the day by simply adding few cloves and black cardamom to your favorite sipper and much on a mix of flaxseeds, saunf and roasted ajwain. These keep your appetite in check and prevents you from cheating.

For Kids: Spiced water with lemon and honey work well. It can be given cold or at room temperature. These also boost immunity.

Back to Basics

  • Wash and clean thoroughly almost everything- fruits, vegetables, the utensils we use and our hands always.
  • Vinegar and lemon are natural detergents for our foods so use generously for cleaning.
  • Eat Cooked more than raw this season.
  • Water from your RO could also be boiled, repeat the boiling process every 4 hrs for added precaution.
  • Train the kids to follow safety precautions and teach them why is it important to do so.

Let’s enjoy a fun filled, safe and healthy monsoon!


Tripti Gupta
Lifestyle Nutrition Consultant (Health/ Beauty/ Wellness)

Tripti Gupta, a Post Graduate in Dietetics and Nutrition, has contributed over 14 years to the field of Nutrition and has incorporated her love for food along with her knowledge and experience in nutrition, to help achieve goals through simple and practical lifestyle corrections.

She has successfully catered to over 10,000 clients including bollywood stars, sports personalities, models and the likes in her career.