Most popular resolutions for 2013

Reading more, saving money, and losing weight have replaced giving up smoking, cutting out alcohol or taking more exercise as top New year resolutions for 2013, according to a survey.

Quitting smoking and drinking less were placed at the 22nd and 26th most popular resolutions for 2013, the Daily Mail reported.

After reading, saving, dieting and redecorating the house the fifth most popular aim was taking better photographs on our hi-tech gadgets like iPhones or iPads, according to the poll of 2,000 people.

Other modern resolutions included reducing the amount of time spent on social networking sites or leaving work on time more often.

People also plan on upgrading their cars, topping up their wardrobes regularly and making more time for friends and family.

People are also pledging to cut the amount of times they text people, or to slash the number of friends they have on Facebook.

The survey unearthed a desire to spend more time face-to-face with people and reduce social networking time, while others vowed to spend less money on big coffee chains.

Many also plan to cut down on watching reality TV and reading gossip.

The biggest long-term aims Britons shared were to feel physically fitter, suffer less stress, and feel happier and more secure.

Majority of people are really feeling the pressures of a hectic lifestyle so are now trying to focus on making more time for themselves, their friends and family, said Tony Orme, marketing director at LA fitness, which commissioned the research.

Two thirds aim to improve their body confidence. The biggest celebrity inspiration for women comes in the figure of Cheryl Cole, followed by Holly Willoughby and Kelly Brook.

Men seek to follow Daniel Craig, who beat David Beckham and David Haye to the top spot for the most inspiring physique.

Source: ANI