Most women unhappy with partners and fake orgasms

Most women have had a one-night stand, and didn’t regret it, and the majority has also faked an orgasm, a survey has revealed.

According to the survey, half the women admitted that they are unhappy with their sex lives and one in 10 Australian women confessed that they would sleep with their partner’s friend if they knew they wouldn’t get caught, reported.

The Sunday Telegraph’s ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ survey also showed that three quarters of women said they had faked an orgasm and one in 10 women admitted they were no longer attracted to their partner.

Sex therapist and relationship counselor, Matty Silver, explained that as only one in five women can have an organism through penetrative sex, so they fake it.

Anita Vosper, from Relationships Australia revealed that emotional connection is important to feel desire, to want to have sex.

Source: ANI