Nargis Fakhri’s hair care tips for the monsoon

How does the gorgeous Nargis Fakhri maintain her luscious locks during the wet and wild  monsoons? Read ahead to find out!

Here we are, at the end of the August, and the rain gods just continue to shower their benevolence on us. Ah well, nobody’s complaining. Except maybe about our hair that treats the monsoon like a reason to rebel against the very heads they sprout from!

What’s heartening to know is that the monsoon doesn’t spare anyone’s hair – including that of famous film stars. The leading lady of ‘Rockstar’, Nargis Fakhri, shares some of her monsoon hair care secrets with us.

Nargis Fakhri’s hair care tips for the monsoon

  • As an actress, Nargis’s primary concern for her hair is for an effective hair care regimen that can cope with the excess moisture in the air during the monsoon and keep her hair smooth and manageable 24×7. Rules she swears by for her hair are drinking water, eating a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep and getting regular deep conditioning massages with hot coconut-based hair oil.
  • A 20-minutes deep conditioning massage with hot coconut-based hair oil is an important hair care ritual, especially during the monsoon, as it provides a deep condition to the hair, making it an instant solution to the frizz and keeps her hair voluminous, thick and full of bounce.
  • Nargis treats her hair a little more gently during the monsoon than at other times. After washing, she pats it dry with a towel and uses a wide-toothed comb so that her hair isn’t treated harshly and maintains its shine and natural oils.
  • Excessive styling of the hair can make take a toll on the hair. A quick massage is Nargis’s way of protecting her hair from the harmful effects of the monsoon.
  • Nargis’s tip to save hair from breaking and getting rough in the humid weather is to avoid tying it very tightly. She prefers loose ponytails of sleek buns instead.
  • Finally, the importance of a good diet cannot be underestimated. 3-4 portions of fruit and vegetables gives Nargis her share of anti-oxidants to keep her hair healthy. Also, protein enriched food such as milk, yoghurt; sprouts, etc. provide her hair with essential nourishment. Drinking fluids like coconut water helps keep her system hydrated and refreshed, which makes sure her hair is healthy.

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