Natural remedy for Sleeplessness or Insomnia

At 11.00 pm: I should sleep now.
At 3.00 am: Still scrolling Facebook.

This is a very common scenario in worldwide nowadays. Millions of people find difficulties to fall asleep according to biological clock. You want to sleep early, but your mind runs you to another direction, it insists you to chat with a friend, or scroll Facebook aimlessly or watching a video on Youtube. Beside try to sleep you get glued into the social media. This sleeplessness is called ‘Insomnia’. Among the various Life Style Disorders affecting all and sundry are Hyper tension, Stress, Depression and INSOMNIA.

High paced life style, increased time tables and the desire to earn quick bucks have added to this suffering. Over worked body and mind, haphazard diet scheduling and over dependence on Junk Food also leads to such life style disorder. Insomnia can affect a person for many reasons. This disorder takes a toll on a person’s physical and mental health, both. Study says in USA 30-40% adults are affected by Insomnia, where 10-15% adults state that they are facing this disorder as a chronic one; in India more than 10 million adults are facing this problem.

The main reasons behind it: A person is trying to accomplish all his jobs, all his duties in one order; means he has to earn more money, so he stays late at office; he also has to attend a party, so he attends the party after the office. Everything in his life is perfect but one thing is missing, that is sleep.

Many of us don’t know that our brain has a sleep cycle and a wake cycle. If sleep cycle is on working mode then the wake cycle remains off as it will rise when sleep cycle stops working. So when someone gets affected by Insomnia, these two cycles work on the either side of the biological system. This unhealthy sleep habit can affect a person’s life very badly. A person finds difficulties in falling asleep and staying asleep; and this leads to low energy, concentration problem, mood swings, low performance in school or work.

Most of the people who suffer from this sleep disorder face so many problems in daily life. A person drowns into stress, facing some psychological disorder too. They may encounter with anger, as their mind is not working properly. Some people stay late at office, they work late by sitting on a chair, this leads to spinal cord problem and can create back pain.

A person affected by Insomnia need to consult a doctor if his problem stays more than 3 or 4 weeks. Some people are afraid of treatment as they feel that the medicines may lead to side effects. But it can be cured by natural remedies too. All you have to do is maintain a right lifestyle for you and sleep according to your biological clock. We all need 8 hours of sound sleep to lead a good life. Sleep is really important for our health. One who faces Insomnia can try a simple natural remedy in home; before going to bed take a warm shower. It is like an exercise, the hot shower will help you to fall asleep as soon as you hit the bed. After the hectic whole day; you need to calm your muscles and cool down your body to get a beautiful sleep for which you may have to dip your feet in luke warm water in a foot bath tub or bucket.

For decongest/ for relaxing your body muscles and tissues: You may add one teaspoon of Epsom salt/ Dead Sea salt. Foot bath also prevents your skin from unwanted bacteria, decreases your leg pain that you gained from the whole day. In that warm water, you can also put some essential oil to help you more to relax. Essential oils are very useful for this sleep disorder. You can use Basil (Tulsi) Oil, cedar wood oil, cypress oil, juniper berry oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil and winter green oil. Just put 1 or 2 drops into the water bucket. Essential oil has one special feature: It is transcutaneous, means it can invade your skin and enter into it.

Warm water works wonder on our tired body. If someone has no time for a hot shower before heading the bed, he can put his legs in warm water for hours. It is a really helpful way to relax after a long hectic day. In this remedy, the foot hydrates your skin, smoothens your muscles and help you to relax and this leads you to fall asleep. In that way essential oils can affect your body chemistry and the aroma helps you to head the mesmerizing world of falling asleep. Lavender, Jasmine, Neroli, Ylang-ylang are very useful for this natural oil therapy for Insomnia.

Scientists say that the oil, specially the lavender one, takes an entry into your blood cells after 5 minutes of applying. The soothing and calm effect of essential oil can prevent you from sleeplessness. The smell directly hits your brain and evaporative natural compounds of the oil are in-breathed.

Inputs from: Dr. Naresh Arora
The author is the Founder of Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics.