Natural wonder – Sprouts

Make friends with those little white wiggly things coming out of seeds and grains to reap huge health benefits.

How about growing a jar of unadulterated nutrition right on your kitchen counter? If you are game for some fun, start sprouting your regular beans and lentils to increase their nutritional value manifold.

Interestingly, sprouts can grow in any climate, equal meat in nutritional value, mature in 3 to 5 days, require neither soil nor sunshine, and can be eaten raw. Now, how amazing is that?

All edible grains (wheat, rye, barley, millet, rice), seeds (alfalfa, clover, celery, oats, radish, fenugreek, sunflower), and legumes (moong, peanuts, moath or matki, brown lentil or masoor, chickpeas or kala chana, soy beans, white beans) and broccoli can be sprouted.

Germinating or sprouting seeds and legumes increases their vitamins, proteins and minerals dramatically with a corresponding decrease in the carbohydrates and calories.

Benefits of sprouted beans and seeds

High in nutrition: The nutritional value of sprouts is much higher than the original beans and seeds from which they germinate. For instance, whole dried peas have absolutely no vitamin C, but when sprouted they contain more vitamin C per ounce than a fresh orange. Sprouts are also rich in other vitamins, protein, potassium, calcium, iron, and fibre.

Anti-carcinogenic: Sprouts possess powerful anti-cancer phytochemicals. The broccoli sprout is known to have potent anti carcinogenic effect.

Anti-oxidant: Sprouts contain an abundance of anti-oxidants that prevent cell destruction and protect us from the on-going effects of aging.

High in fibre: Sprouts are natural sources of fibre. Also, fibre helps in keeping our digestive system healthy, eliminates constipation and helps us stay fuller between meals.

Easy to digest: Since sprouts are living and a growing food source, they are rich in enzymes. This makes sprouts get easily metabolized and assimilated by the body.

Low in calorie: Are you watching your weight and cutting back on calories? Sprouts will support your lifestyle because of their low calorie content. Sprouts contain only nine calories per ounce.

Ideal for vegetarians: Sprouts can be an ideal choice for vegetarians to fulfill their protein requirements.

Good source of essential fatty acids (EFA): An average diet is generally deficient in essential fatty acids. Sprouts are full of these fatty acids that are crucial in performing several vital body functions and also play a major role in immune defences.

Low glycaemic index (GI): Sprouts are low in glycaemic index and can be ideal for diabetics.

Abundant in oxygen: As sprouts are a ‘living’ food, they contain hundreds of oxygen molecules, which are essential for healthy cells. Oxygen-rich foods can ward off viruses and bacteria.

Alkalising affect: A healthy body is alkaline. Sprouts are alkaline too.

Low in cost: Sprouts are an inexpensive and easily accessible source of nutrition.

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