Naturopathy: Healing power of nature

Naturopaths look at the body holistically. They are trained to treat all types of problems. Their specialty is in looking at the person as a whole and connecting all parts of that person in diagnosis and treatment. They are committed to using the power of nature to heal.

Preventative Medicine: Regular check-ups can identify and lead to the correction of problems before they become serious and maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Many people suffer from low adrenal function and an overloaded liver. They often feel stressed, irritable and drained. Aiding and supporting the body during these times will head off more serious conditions and slow the aging process.

Women’s Health: Natural therapies are renowned for solving a wide variety of women’s health issues, including PMS, pregnancy and menopause. The problems associated with Hormone Replacement Therapy are being researched and documented. There are many gentle alternatives that ease the symptoms of menopause without fearful risks. Irregular menstrual cycle, heavy bleeding, fibroids, and PMS are all conditions that benefit from natural therapies. Naturopathic medicine can help put a woman back in touch with her body.

Chronic Conditions: There are many conditions for which regular medicine seems to have no answer. Many people become tired with the status quo, staving off disease through regular medication but never truly getting well. Naturopathic medicine can often turn these conditions around or offer an alternative treatment without side effects and with benefits. Auto-immune diseases, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hepatitis and cancer are examples.

Integrative Medicine: Many people with chronic conditions feel safer using both a regular MD and a Naturopath. They want the best of both worlds with all the support that Naturopathic Medicine may offer while simultaneously utilizing modern healthcare. Naturopathic Doctors are versed in the same clinical and physical diagnosis skills as other doctors. They also study pharmacology and are able to work in a team effort to support their patients.

Injuries: Naturopathic medicine helps speed the body’s ability to heal. Pre- and post-surgical treatment can reduce pain, swelling, and recovery time. Chronic muscle spasm can be alleviated through nutrition or an astute homeopathic remedy. Pain can also be alleviated that way. Repetitive stress injuries can be treated, eliminating the need for surgery.

Colds, Flus and Allergies: Antibiotics are currently over-prescribed and do nothing for viral illnesses. Naturopathic medicine has many anti-bacterial and anti-viral solutions that do not harm the body. Allergies can be resolved for life by simply correcting an inherent disharmony in the body. People experiencing asthma, eczema, or seasonal allergies that want to come off medication make great Naturopathic patients.

Depression and Anxiety: Because of the mind-body connection, Naturopaths spend a great deal of time exploring alternate ways to reach and heal the mental-emotional aspect of a patient without suppressing them in any way. They receive training in counseling as well as supporting the body’s biochemistry. In every category of Naturopathic therapies, there are applications that will alleviate anxiety and depression.

Naturopaths must master a variety of long respected healing arts. In practice, they integrate these healing arts to best meet the needs of each patient.

Botanical Medicine: Plants have been used as medicine for thousands of years and are the basis for many pharmaceutical drugs. Personalized formulas address the patient’s issues better than pre-packaged store-bought brands.

Nutrition: Our polluted environment and high stress jobs deplete our body of its resources. Taking the proper vitamins and eating well can prevent illness. Food as medicine is an accepted therapy for many of today’s medical conditions.

Homeopathy: This therapy uses the laws of nature to stimulate the body to heal. Regular drugs produce side effects and may even damage the body. Homeopathy is based on the law of like cures like. This system eliminates symptoms from the body permanently.

This therapy uses hot and cold applications to stimulate the body to heal. A hydrotherapy session can be very relaxing, releasing the body from its depleting high stress state.

Mind-Body Medicine: Many physical issues are manifested from psychological or spiritual crises. Meditation techniques, energy work, and spiritual counseling are valid and effective tools for these situations.

Source: Dr K Gowthaman, Medical Director, rVita (rVita Ayurveda Centers)
Image: Flickr creativecommons Roberto Verzo