No definitive drug to improve concentration: Dr.Somale

Dr. Alpana Somale Kondekar is a pediatrician practicing neurology and related issues in pediatrics at TN Medical College, Mumbai. She is also a co-certifying authority for autism, learning disabilities, etc.

Along with that, she has also been an active member of the Epilepsy Detection camp and patient education programmes arranged all over rural Maharashtra in collaboration with National Rural Health Mission.

Alpana answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exlusive chat. Read the transcript below

Hello Dr. My son is 3yrs old, and often getting cold and wheezing. How can we prevent this?
if he is getting it often we need to see whether he allergic to certain things like dust ,fumes, some food items. keep house clean free of dust, do wet mopping, remove soft toys . maintain a food diary. you need to consult pediatric allergy and asthma specialist to rule out allergic rhinitis.

my son is 2 1/2 yrs old. though he has his fill at nite he wants bottle feed atleast two times at nite.. is it gud? how do i stop this?
bottle feeding will cause problem in dentition, speech development and may also cause repeated throat infections. you can give him a meal containing complex starch and fat at night so he will not feel hungry, can use a sterile teether to pacify and give up the habit of bottle feeding.

my son has difficulty reading or deciphering spellings even three letter words. He can write properly. He acts difficult when we try to teach him. How to tackle him?? Does he have any learning disability?
definitely you need to get him screened for probable learning difficulties at authorized center. if he has dyslexia remedial education will help him to improve in academics.

my 13 year old ws diagnosed with ADHD at age 7. meds didn’t do much help, but he hs sttled down quite a lot, but discipline is very dificult. doen’nt follow instructions nor authority
you need to use certain behavioral modifications . While tackling difficult behaviors please use clear instructions, avoid confusing complex commands, praise small positive actions. A good clinical psychologist will help you in counselling . lots of negative commands will not help in bringing the discipline.

Dear Dr.Alpana, is there any food precautions that we should take to control hyperactivity of a kid? also please provide any info regarding multi vitamins or alopthy madiciens that could helps cure anxiety and hyper activity disorder.
children who are allergic to gluten may benefit with gluten free diet, can avoid chocolates, ready made fast food. There are certain medications like methylphenidate and atomoxetine that can be used to contrill hyperactivity, but these medicines should be taken strictly under physician’s guidance.

Hi , i have a 3 year old son , he speaks only 10-20words, so sentences , has no austism , plays and cherfull. is something to worry upon,,, we have got his hearing checked already,.. which is fine
there are various reasons causing speech delay, but if your son is able to construct atleast 3 word sentences and able to recite a small use nursery rhyme, what you need is little more efforts to increase his vocabulary by using audio-visual stimulation like CD, Picture books … if he cant use phrases then you need a speech therapy consultation for him

Dear Dr. Alpana ma’am What is the best multivitmain for a 11 year child. Further, my son has slight attention deficit and doesn’t take much interest in studies. What is the remedy (medical/herbal/hemeo). with best regards
as such there is no definitive drug to improve concentration, but a good therapeutic intervention in terms of occupational therapy should help him. for multivitamin supplement there are many options like cap Nutriright, T Regamin etc.. can be taken as single daily dose.

My son aged 18 years having borderline retardation is currently studying in calss viii.Initially he was very restless.He has cooled down for the last three years.However, he is still having learning disabilities.Please advice
you need to get him screened for exactly what kind of learning problem he has – as regard to difficulty in writing,reading or mathematical calculations. Remedial education will help him in the specific area of learning where he is facing problem. occupationl therapy required for improving concentration

Hello Doctor, How to manage GERD of baby, if she/he has hiatus-hernia, whether Hiatus-Hernia will gets normal in time-through or not. Hope Hiatus-Hernia is a anatomical reasons. what is the permanent solution for GERD without Surgery ? Thanks.
if she is been already diagnosed as having hiatus hernia , she can be treated surgically. pediatric suregeon can do the corrective surgery. if it is only GERD , medical management like antacids, some drugs like pantaprozole and domperidone would help to controll the symptoms.

your son will need nasal deconestant in the form of normal saline nose drops and some anti-cold measure . that would help him in relieving this. please consult pediatrician for dosages.

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