Now, baby sock that monitors child’s breathing

For most of you who have spent sleepless nights worrying whether your child is breathing properly while tucked up in their cots, a new device has been developed that may help parents rest easier while their baby sleeps, and keep the little one’s feet warm at the same time.

A team from Brigham University, Utah, have created a sock-like baby monitor which straps around an infant’s foot and uses pulse oximetry to monitor the heart rate and blood-oxygen levels, the Daily Mail reported.

If the child stops breathing or has a significant change in heart rate the monitor will notify parents by alerting them on their smart phone.

Jacob Colvin and his five colleagues hope the device, which is completely wireless and uses safe, non-invasive technology, will reduce the annual cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which sees at least 300 baby deaths unexpectedly in the UK every year.

“Our hope is that we can give parents time to react and see that something’s wrong before it’s too late,” Colvin said.

Source: ANI