Now, dogs can help detect cancer too!

img_5_240x240sep4If you think dogs only sniff out hidden drugs and decomposed bodies then think again. They also have the ability to sniff out prostate cancer. Now that’s another reason that prove why they will remain our best friends!

Dogs have three-hundred million sensory receptors as against five-milion in humans. Their extraordinary sense of smell can detect the smallest of scents known to be linked to cancer instantly.

A charity, Medical Detection Dogs, is training specialist dogs to detect human diseases. Dr Claire Guest, its founder, says, what dogs are doing is actually revisiting a way in which diagnosis has been done centuries ago.

Dogs can detect prostate tumors that are found in traces of urine in 93% of cases, Milton Keynes University Hospital had found in initial trials.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK, and the second most common cause of cancer death. Screening the urine samples for prostate cancer is a “hunt game” for dogs.

Dogs’ unique skill could make them a valuable resource for doctors in detecting many more diseases with distinct chemical scents.However it isn’t practical to have a dog at every clinic or hospital.

Scientists are hoping their research would lead to invention of an electronic nose that will mimic that of a dog’s.

Source: SIFY
Image: Getty Images