Nutrition Q&A: Diet for high cholesterol

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This week’s answers:

1. I am 47 years of age,I am 5ft and 7 inches and I am 92 kg,I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea.I have been advised to loose 30 KG,is it possible,keeping in view that I also have vascular problem in both my legs because of which I find it very difficult to even walk for five minutes,Please give me a diet plan to reduce weight.I am an vegetarian with no BP or diabetes

You need to follow a 1600 kcal diet to reduce since exercising is limited. Please consult a good physiotherapist to teach you exercises that are possible daily despite  your vascular problems. Once you reduce a little weight you may be able to do more exercise. Just avoid the chicken in the diet plan for 1500kcal and use one cup of cooked dal in a day. Click here for a 1500kcal diet plan.

This link may also help you.

2. I would like to convey my problem, to get a solution.My wife for sometime say a few years is tested with high
S Cholestrol latest report says 258 mg/dl.Both S HDL andLDL cholestrol level show higher figures than normal.

Incidiently she is Vegie,use less oil in food.She normally prefer to eat at home ,green veg.and lentils,weighs
appox.57 Kg. and 63 year old.We also walk almost for an hour daily.She is also prescribed a tablet of TONACT-
TG every night.I am getting worried as the test result keep on coming high.Can any one suggest on the
right antidote by way of medicine food habits or any specific exercise to get rid of the problem for good.
She does not take raw onion at all.Thanks a lot.

RN Bajaj Pune

You may need to go back to the physician who prescribed Tonact and ask for a change of medication. This is the first step. Secondly continue exercise and low fat eating habits. Also, avoid cream and ghee, use only fat free yogurt/milk, and include daily a guava, apple, oats and a tablespoon of ground flax seeds in salad.

3. madam, iam a pure vegetarian,me and my wife both has little bit of high colostrol,we are doing the walking regularly by 45minutes.we need a diet plan without egg and nonveg.we are roti lovers,and we would like to know the easy diet plan to loose the weight and colostrol too.

MJ Kulkarni

Since your age, weight height are not provided it is not easy to plan a personal diet. But I hope the following quantities/day help you.

Milk or/and curds (fat free) – 1 1/2 to 2 cups a day

Rotis, potato, pasta etc – 5 servings for your wife and 7 for you. One serving is one medium dry roti or one slice bread;

Dal – one cup cooked

Vegetables – cooked 2 cups and salad 2 cups
Fruits –3 of approximately 80 to 100 gms edible portion

Paneer / low fat cheese – 30 gms

Oils – 5 teaspoon/day

One tablespoon of any dry roasted nuts or ground flax seeds

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