Nutrition Q&A: Avoid late-night eating for weight loss

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This week’s answers:

1. I am Umesh age 27 from Gujarat i want to loose my wieght. my height is 6` feet, weight is 92Kg already i had decries my quantity of daily food from last 30days still i did not fount any result
If any good solutions then these then please let me know


Perhaps you need to review your eating again to see if you have decreased fat from your food.

Secondly, you need to exercise daily or at least 5 times a week. Keep continuing your diet and exercise and you will find results.

2. Dear Sir/Madam, I am 25 years old with height 5.11 inches and weight 105 kgs. Five years before during college days i was regular to gym and my weight was 80 kgs which was very normal to me. But after when i completed my degree i stopped going to gym due to different work shifts, in those five years i put on 25 kg extra. For this situation i blame myself only, as we enjoy late night roaming in city like mumbai and i am was very fond of junk food, but once when i found that my weight is increased beyond the limit i am little bit scared now and also stopped eating food outside. A few days before while surfing on net i found your website i read all of your post and they all found to be very interesting. After reading your posts i have also made several changes to my daily food but not found that much effective. So please help me to overcome my weight problem by suggesting me proper diet.

Below is my personal details.

Name : Ajinkya Ahire

Sex : Male

Age : 25 years old

Height : 5. 11 inches

Weight : 105 Kg


Ajinkya Ahire.

Most importantly go back to your exercising. Then avoid junk foods and eat more fruits and vegetables. Late night eating also adds to weight. So best avoid eating late into night daily. since you are young, socialising is inevitable so once a week on weekends is okay. Even when you eat out be careful to eat foods that are not oily or deep fried.

Take fruit or salad to work so you can eat in between meals and therefore be able to eat less at lunch. Eat a little less rice or roti from each meal.

Please remember that you increased 25 kilos in 5 years, so pls give your body enough time to reduce the 25 kilos.

If you still need help, please send me your eating schedule ( what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and how much so I can tell you where to make more changes)

Breakfast: low fat milk 1 cup, 2 slices bread, one egg
Mid morning:  fruit salad one cup or 2 fruits or one big banana
Lunch: 2 fistfuls of rice, one cup cooked vegetables, one cup salad, 3 ounce chicken, ½ cup curd
Evening snack: one fruit, 2 tablespoon nuts or 2 cups popcorn or roated poha ( tea /coffee as you wish)
Dinner: 2 dry roti, any kind of dal, ½ cup vegetable, one cup salad, low fat curds or raita

3. Dear Madam, Ive been eating very healthy for a year now just got my results back from the lab Should I be concerned at how insanely high my Cholesterol up from Feb 2011

Total CHOLESTERAL 4.42 now 5.51

HDL CHOL = 1.02 now 1.06

LDL CHOL = 2.79 now 3.78

LDL/HDL RATIO = 2.7 now 3.36

Triglycerides = 1.34 now 1.08

Total Lipids 6.68

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Ricardo, send me your eating pattern so I can decide if it is healthy enough to reduce cholesterol. Cholesterol increases due to several factors, including bad eating habits, eating only one meal a day, lack of exercise, obesity, smoking and due to your genetic make up.

4. I am very worried for my father has high cholesterol level ,his age 58 old, i wants to knew to your adviser ,how to reduce cholesterol, so i wants know to perfact diet & what should be avioed give me perfact ruteen diet chart PLZ…..for my father


Is he a vegetarian or non vegetarian? Best is to follow a vegetarian diet with fruits and whole grains. He also needs to have mild exercise like walking daily for 20 minutes. Pls tell me more about his health. and height, weight etc.

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