Nutrition Q&A: Avoiding red meat lowers triglyceride

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My son is 23 years old. Since his birth weight was very low he was awarded by frequent illness as dehydration/diaarhea/fever /cold and cough being this reason he always fought for life. Some time he experienced snow phl. At present his muscle is underdeveloped looks thin. Please advise what fruits/diet should be taken by him.
P.C. Sharma

Has your son been evaluated by a physician?Is he anemic? Is he allergic to any foods or does he have lactose intolerance?Since these info, blood tests, his height and weight are not mentioned I do not have a complete picture of his health. Anyway, generally speaking for someone of his age, your son should eat a normal diet including all kinds of fruits and vegetables, milk/buttermilk, pulses and beans, starch like rice, rotis, etc.

My husband is 33 years old and 94kg of weight,height-5.9.on 29jan 2013 he checked his lipid profile he has got HDL-48mgldl,LDL-148mgldl,VLDL-84mgldl,TG-420mgldl.he is on medication now for two months.i would like to know what should be his food diet and foods are good to reduce triglycerides.pls pls let me know.he consulted the doctor but doctor did not gave the perfect diet .we are in Dubai now. He don’t smoke and do not consume alcohol.his sugar level is normal in fasting and in random.his blood pressure is little low.

His triglycerides will come down to normal range when he loses weight. so focus on getting weight reduced to below 80 kg.

Important points are

foods cooked for him are low in fat.
avoid sugar
avoid fried oily greasy foods, red meat
exercise daily 20 to 40 minutes (exercise will help increase HDL)
use good oils like sesame, sunflower, olive but in restricted amount – 40 ml per day

Please read the article to get details on lowering high tgl.

Send me a sample of his eating pattern then I can guide you to modify present eating habits. Is he a non vegetarian? He must try to do exercise.

Hi madam,
I’m 23 years old,my height is 5.1 and weight is 41kg.i have a
constipation and loosing my hairs for about 2 years,but i dont know
both have come for one reason or not.i took medicine and have enough
water.normally i eat veggies and fruits. But they dont answer me and
only some hair on my head.i feel worry when looking my friends even my
aunts’ please help me. Leave me from these.Thank you.
fathima nusaira

Fatima, have you checked your thyroid function? If you have hypothyroidism you may have constipation and loss of hair. So please do a complete blood test.

You need to eat high fiber foods like whole grains, vegetables, dals, and fruits like guava, papaya, oranges, prunes, raisins, pineapple, custard apple, and drink fresh juices to clear bowels. Avoid foods like potatoes, apples and bananas.

Good hair hygiene, eating nutritious foods with proteins and minerals is also important for healthy hair.

Dear sir/mam
I am suffering from CKD (Chronic kidney disease) Age- 62. so, kindly please give me a diet chart (i.e- vegitables) particularly to be consumed.
My test report are
Fasting- 110
Urea- 94
Sodium- 138
Potassium- 4.3
Calcium- 9.6
Phosphorus- 5.4
Uric acid- 3.6
CREATININE- Previously it was constant with 3 mg/dl
But now it is 7.4 mg/dl
So kindly help me in controlling with a proper diet.
Thanking you
shakti das

Shakti Das, I can only give you info about what vegetables you may eat since I do not know your underlying illness, present condition or medications. If the doctor has prescribed restrictions on protein, potassium sodium do let me know.

Meanwhile, choose the following vegetables and fruits – apple, guava, grapes, pears, pineapple and watermelon 1/2 cup,lettuce, onions, cucumber, parsley, capsicum, eggplant, lady’s finger, beetroot,cluster beans, zucchini, pumpkin, bottle gourd, bitter gourd,turnips, bamboo shoots, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, artichoke. Spinach and carrots may be cooked and drained. No meat, nuts. Chicken and fish 30 grams a day and milk and curds will need to be restricted too depending on protein restriction.

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