Nutrition Q&A: Balanced diet for diabetics

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This week’s answers:

1. Hi Mam I am dipesh (male) 26yrs old and my weight is 55kg n heght is 5.5ft. I want to know that I am doing excersice means workout from last 3months and I am not gaining weight So please tel me what I have to eat to build my muscle. I eat boiled egg but only that whiter part I dont eat that yellow one So please reply me mam.
You need to eat 3 full meals and snacks in between to increase weight and build muscle. Emphasis on whole egg, milk, chicken/meat/fish, nuts, fruit juices and whole grains. Just continue your workout and you will gradually increase weight. Initially it takes a while to show results.

2. My weight 95kg, height 5.6″ and age 26years old. I want to lose weight
Manish Khatnavliya
Please follow the steps in how to lose weight with your own diet. It should help you.

3. What would be a balanced diet for diabetics?
· It should be moderate fat, high fibre and low in simple sugars – the same goals as for any person with or without diabetes.
· If you are overweight or have other health issues like blood pressure, high cholesterol then diet should be modified accordingly.
· Go for whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low fat milk/yoghurt and lean meat.
· Your medications should synchronise with the food eaten and carbohydrates spread out according to the type of medication.
· Be physically active.

4. Hello maam, are there any specific foods to avoid colic pain in children. My son is one and half yrs old and often cried with colic.
Are you still breastfeeding your son? If so it could be spicy foods, coffee, something that you are eating.
If not it could be due to gas formation, constipation or milk allergies on weaning, so it is best to get him checked by his pediatrician.
Meanwhile, try avoiding such foods like beans, cauliflower, cabbage; undiluted citrus juices; fatty foods, carbonated drinks.
Check the consistency of the infant feeds you give him. Make sure it is not too dense and he gets sufficient water to drink.

5. Hi m girl of 27 yrs. 5 ft tall and weigh 59 kgs. I do take care of what i eat.. and do eat pizza and fried stuff with guilt on weekends… hardly eat sweets, and hv minimum intake of tea coffee.. lunch consists of one chapati and dinner consists of 2. the problem is i am not consistent on exercising and have sitting profile. My hemoglobin level is just 10.4 and hence feel tired and smetimes in mrnin dnt even feel like waking up or goin for walk. Please suggest. want to loose more than 10kilos.
Pragya, you need to resolve your anaemia first before going on a weight loss plan. You may need to get medication from your doctor for this.
Anaemia makes you feel lethargic and thus you may not be able to exercise. Physical activity will help in better blood circulation and weight management. Opt for simple activities like walking at a moderate pace.
Eat citrus fruits (not juices), salads, vegetables especially green leafy vegetables, and whole grains and try to avoid the weekend binges. Low fat chicken, meat and fish also will increase protein intake and help both weight loss and anaemia.

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