Nutrition Q&A: Calculating your BMI

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This week’s answers:

1. I am divya from mangalore. My age is 21. I want to loss my wieght nw my wieght is 61 i want to loss 10 kg please help me.. Please tell me the method for dieting
Please calculate your BMI with this formula and then decide how may kilos you need to actually lose. Ten kilos is a lot to lose at one go. Body weight in kilos divided by height (metres) x height. You need to keep your weight below Index 24.9
Get a blood test done to make sure you are not anemic before you go on a diet.
Cut out on fried foods, fast foods, reduce oil in cooking. Eat small meals and begin with a salad. Eat fruits between meals instead of other snacks. Eat more vegetables and reduce rice. No biscuits, cakes, sweets, desserts, sugared drinks etc. Exercise half hour daily, increasing it as you feel fit.

2. i am 21 and my cholesterol level is 249. i am fat and weighing about 79 . 165 cm tall. what should i do? am i in danger/
is it possible to decrease cholesterol? is it going to affect my future ?


Plaque build up in blood vessels start even at a young age. So it is good to eat healthy even when young and not wait till you are middle aged to think of good eating habits.
You should try to exercise and diet to reduce your weight. Start by cutting down on fats and sweets. Walk for 20 min daily to begin with.
Avoid eating red meat and go for more vegetables and fruits.
Please do a thyroid check also.

3. I have been advised to avoid eating vegetables grown under soil eg. Potato, colocacia, raddish, carrot, ginger…..
But above there is no mentioning, my husband has cholestrol . 223 and sugar..189.
Pls suggest

Why have you been advised to avoid these vegetables? Your husband needs to get his cholesterol and sugar corrected by exercising and eating less fats and sugars. He needs to get assessed by a local dietician and be put on a healthy meal plan.
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