Nutrition Q&A: Complete diet plan to lose weight

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Dear Mam,

Please prescribe me diet chart to follow to reduce my weight. I am a vegetarian so please tell me what should I eat to reduce my weight. My age is 28, height is 165 cm and weight is 82 kgs.

Niharika Tripathi

Niharia, please follow the following diet and also exercise for 45 min to one hour daily. Drink 8 glasses of water in a day. Drink a glass of water before each meal.

Breakfast 3 idils or one bowl dalia or a big mug of branflakes with low fat milk. No sugar
tea or coffee as desired so sugar and low fat milk

Mid morning an apple or guava or banana or pears or 1/2 grapefruit

Lunch 3 dry chapatis, OR one and half teacup cooked rice
1/2 cup cooked dal curry, vegetable sauteed with minimum oil and green salad. 3 dates or 2 figs (taken if you feel like having a sweet)

Evening 2 tablespoon boiled peanuts or 2 cups popcorn popped in microwave with out oil
Tea or coffee

Dinner not later than 8 30 pm
2 (whole wheat and besan mixed) dry chapatis, dal, vegetables and raita
Green tea

Hi ,

i am a software engg started gym since 6 mon getting shape too . i need to know good veg protein+vitamin and good carbohydrate diet all should be
veg only pls reply.

jitendra bhardwaj

Please provide your height, weight and age.

Respected Sir/Mam

I am Amit Rahar
Age : 24 years
Height : 5’8″
Weight : 78 kg
Diet Habits : No Smoking or Drinking. Vegitarian +eggs.

I am a villager, so here is not so much variety as compared to city in foods available but as am a villager I have advantage of fresh and pure food.

My diet is same for all three times of the day as follows :

Breakfast : eat 3-4 chapatti with sabji(varies day by day) with lassi.
Lunch : about 5 chapati with same sabji or onion+tommato chattni and lassi.
Dinner : 5-6 chapati with sabji +onion salad +sometime cucumber salad and two glass of fresh buffalo milk.

I was a type of athlete person about one n half year ago :
4 km running in morning and 4 in evening, about 1000 push ups a day. And various athlete activities. But from last one and 4-5 months I did nothing just study.

My body shape decreased and my weight from 69 kg to about 78 kg increased.
The main problem is fat, my tummy size there is a circle being generated around my west. I know I can stop this new can get back to fitness but how to do it fast and in a better manner without just push my body in exercise and exercise a lot. I want to make flat my tummy and also want to go for six pack abs. In village there is no instructor available so I have to do it on my own.

Please give me your expert advise or any suggestions to do so.

Although I have started playing football for one hour daily from last few days.

Thanks and warm regards
Amit Rahar

Amit, as you know, getting back to fitness workout is the easiest way to get back to shape. Exercise helps in shaping body and reduce weight. If you are going to do the same exercises as before, then eat the same. But whenever you are studying and no time for exercise then eat like below:
Breakfast : 3-4 wholegrain chapatti with sabji (varies day by day) with one glass lassi.
Lunch : 4 chapatis with same vegetable sabji and dal, tomato or coriander chuttney and one glass lassi.
Dinner : 3 chapati with sabji +onion salad + cucumber salad and
one fruit
one small cup of fresh buffalo milk.

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