Nutrition Q&A: Diabetic and trying to conceive? What should you eat

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This week’s answers:

1. Madam. My son has been diagonised as Type 2 diabetic. As my wife is away with my other son, I have the task of ensuring a safe diet. Breakfast is simple Oats fruits and tea without sugar. lunch is at office for my son. What is the best and simple dinner that I can cook for my son like wheat pasta which is both good for a diabatic as well as easy to cook as I do not know cooking.Your advice please with simple alternatives.
anthony sequeira
Dinner should have a fruit, a plate of salad and some kind of protein like lean meat, lentils, yoghurt and some kind of carbohydrates like roti, whole wheat bread, wheat pasta. You have not mentioned his age or if he is overweight. When you make the pasta add vegetables and meat/chicken to it to make it wholesome. Dal and roti, with green salad and raita is good if you know how to make these. Or grilled chicken with multigrain bread/roti is another option. Wheat upuma, bran flakes with milk and fruit, are also simple opitons. Hope this helps.

2.I am diabetic and 3 months ago my HbA1c test result was 7.7 and then after I improved my diet by doing the following things: I take a cup of double toned milk (with cardamom) and 10 soaked almonds in the morning.
Fruits as snack at 11 am and at 4 pm.
Eat cooked vegetables in the breakfast and lunch with wheat bread(roti).
Eat lentils/beans at night with wheat bread (roti).

Also, Eat green leafy vegetables twice/thrice in a week which may include spinach, mustard greens, peppermint, parsley and fenugreek leaves.
Add ¼ tea spoon of fenugreek seeds to every vegetable/lentils as they are good for diabetics.
Eat Indian gooseberry(anwla) everyday as they are good for diabetics.I cook it in very less oil.
Use non-stick cookware and use 2 spoons of oil only for every vegetables/lentils which means 4 spoons of oil per day which serve 2 persons a day. Means 2 spoons per person.
Use olive pomace oil as shopkeeper in the market says you cant cook in the extra virgin olive oil.
Walk on treadmill for 20 mins twice a week but generally stay active by follow the stairs or by walking around for a while during the day.

As I plan to conceive in the next year beginning and will get my diabetes tested in coming days soon, I just wanted to know that is there any thing required more to overcome high blood sugar.
I shall be thankful to you for that.

Roohi Sachdeva

It is good to know people like you who take effort to eat healthy. If you are at normal weight, then you are fine. If not try to reduce weight by exercising more. Doing another HbA1c will determine if the changes in diet has helped. It should be as close to the normal upper limit of 6 especially because you plan to conceive.

Yes, pomace olive oil is good to cook. Use 2 different kinds of oil in the day. Amla is also good to eat fresh as it controls hunger. Hope you also eat other fruits like oranges, guava and apples. Variety gives more nutrition.

When you conceive, the increased hormones will increase your blood sugar so you need to be prepared for managing this by diet, physical activity and medication if needed. Keep up the good job!

3. I want to know what food can my dad eat in order to lower his creatinine level, He is 70 years old and he is weighing 136 lbs and he stands 5ft. His current creatinine level is 3.0.. He had a laser surgery on his prostate back in 2007 because he is having problems urinating. Could you please give me some diet lan for my dad? I appreciate in very much. Thank you and God bless!

Victoria Manlulu
Creatinine is generally high in people who eat meat. Perhaps if your dad is a meat eater, reduce meat and eat more like a vegetarian. Also, due to muscle loss and reduced kidney function, elderly people do show increased creatinine level. I hope your dad goes for regular general check up.

4. I am gething married on may 9 2012,and my weight is 75kg.So pls give some more tips where in i should my weight upto 10kgs by my marriage. The Above Blog is also very good and excellent!!!!!
Please read my two articles How to go on your own diet and What goes into a 1500kcal weight loss plan. These will help you get started on a dieting plan. Basically avoid all things fried, oily, sweets, excessive eating of rice, fast foods, commercial snacks. Instead eat more vegetables, fruits for snacks and exercise for 45 minutes daily 4 times a week. You have a lot of time to May, so start now and you can get habituated to healthy eating. Wish you all the best!

5. Please give me suitable diet to me for the following problems. I have Diabities from last 18 years and high blood pressure from last 1 year. I have taken GYNASE MF daily one morning and one night. For BO I take LOSAR_H after breakfast one per daily. Blood sugar is normaly and controled. But BP is not controled it is 170/85 since 20 days. LOSAR_H take one after breakfaST IS SUFFICIENT OR NOT?

If the blood pressure is high only the last 20 days there maybe some other reason for it, like lack of exercise, immediate stress or eating more than normal (perhaps due to festive season) thus increasing salt in diet and possibly weight gain. If these factors do not apply, then only your physician can determine your medication dose so I suggest you consult him at the earliest.

6. how can a diabetic person can consume the watermelon in his regular food chart to control his sugar levels
You can have a cup of watermelon cubes at a time instead of a fruit or one exchange of carbohydrate given on the chart.

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