Nutrition Q&A: Diet changes for a fatty liver

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This week’s answers:

1. Hello,Im 25 yrs lady. Height 5.31/2 weight 57kgs.iam bit chubby looking. .trying to maintain a fit and healthy body.I would like to know the exact diet plan to follow in my daily routine.

Tejaswi Gillepally

At your height, your weight is within normal range. I suggest you continue eating high fibrefoods, choose whole grains, avoid fried foods. and minimal sweet intake. Eat about 3 fruits a day and 2 and 1/2 cups of vegetables cooked and as salad. Exercise 20 min to 30 min daily to maintain your weight.

2. Hello im 24 year old male & my weight is 74 kg ,height 5.7inch.from delhi. Last 4 months im facing problem FATTY LEVER .Im taking medison of hompath .In this problem im most facing ‘Acidity’ & digesting . all is normal like ,blood sugar,. Please tell me what will be best diet for me in this condition& Is hompath medition best for this disease

The choice of treatment is yours. Oily foods and heavy sweets should be avoided in the diet. Keep your diet low in fat, with sufficient fruits and vegetable intake. Eat your foods at regular times. Eat smaller meals spread out during the day. A little weight reduction will help. Possibly you are having a reflux after heavy meals resulting in acidity. No alcohol or smoking too.

3. Madam/Sir, I am 29yrs old male.I am an underweight now. My height is 173 cm and weight is 56kg.I want to gain some more weight soon.(i would like to gain 65kg). i use to have 3 meals a day. please tell me the .solution.


Firstly if you are a smoker stop smoking. Secondly eat 3 square meals and snacks in between. Have milk or lassi between meals. You may add Complan or Ensure to the milk for extra nutrition and calories. Have fruit juices and high calorie fruits like bananas, mangoes, grapes. Have an ounce of nuts and about 6 dates daily as an evening snack.

4. Dear Ms. Radhakrishnan, I had a query regarding dietary questionnaires and would really appreciate your guidance. Many questionnaires carry the question: ‘How many glasses of water do you drink in a day?’ I was wondering what is
the rationale behind this question since it is a very subjective question. Would it be relevant to ask this question to an elderly population?Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you very much.

Yes this is a valid question for elderly people. Elderly people do not feel as thirsty as younger people and may risk being dehydrated. They may need to be coaxed to drink sufficient water.

Yes, water intake varies from individual depending on their physical activities, weather and general health (people with kidney failure or cardiac failure may need to restrict water intake). But if a question is asked in normal context and not regarding a particular type of people, the answer should be 6 to 8 glasses/day

5. i have height of 5.4 feet and weight 96 i want to reduce my weight by changing my eating habits means through low calorie food that helps in non preparation of fats through extra calories so please suggest me the food that is chatpataa in taste and low calorie because non chatpata food cannot full fill the desire please co operate me with your suggestions

Follow the diet in the article What goes into a 1500kcal weight loss plan

Use whatever herbs, spices, condiments you need to make the food chatpataa. The only thing you need to reduce is oil in cooking. Squeeze lots of lemon juice on the salad. This strong sour taste will curb your hunger. Eating one or two amla also helps when you feel hungry.

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