Nutrition Q&A: Diet chart for weight loss

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I am a 29 year old working woman. I have been married recently. My details are:
Height: 165 cms
Weight:64 kgs

I want to shed 8-10 kgs .I usually don’t exercise but I used to be an active person earlier. I can still walk long distances and take the stairs without getting breathless.But I don’t get time for long workouts. I need an exercise plan and a healthy diet to lose weight. Also, I must inform you that i work in night shifts( 5:30 pm to 2:30 pm). Please advice on a diet that suits my lifestyle.

Nabonita Majumdar

Nabonita, your present BMI is 23.5. Bringing your weight down by 8 kilos will bring your BMI to 20.5 which would be close to the lower limit. I hope you are aware of this.

Yes, exercise is a big part of losing weight. You could do it in the mornings and evenings in two sessions or in a single session, totaling one hour.

Breakfast 2 idlis, with sambar or a cup of upuma or 2 dry dosas, one large orange or half grapefruit, tea or coffee or if you want something quick have a glass of oats with low fat milk and a banana cut into it.

Lunch is 3 rotis with dal/non veg curry, a plate of greens, 1/2 cup fat free curds, 2 dates or a small guava

Evening green or regular tea or coffee

Since you leave for work at 5, you may need to carry your dinner with you.
2 slices of whole wheat bread sandwich with egg or low fat cheese/paneer and an apple, pears or orange

2 walnuts or 6 almonds or a tablespoon of peanuts.

Because you work at night is not a reason for eating at night. And your total sleep in the day should not be more than 7 or 8 hours.

Do get back to me if you have any further doubts.

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