Nutrition Q&A: Diet chart for weight loss

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Hello Mam,
Can you please describe the nutritional details of cracked wheat. we are eating in place of rice for both lunch and dinner with curries.
This will help us a lot.How much amount a day is good ?.
I appreciate your response 🙂
Thanks in Advance,

Cracked wheat is highly nutritious because of its fibre, mineral and vitamin content. It provides calories similar to rice. But since it is higher in fibre, you will realise that eating a little lesser quantity sufficiently fills you.

Choose quantities sufficient for your caloric requirements.Since wheat contains gluten, those who are sensitive to gluten need to avoid it.

I am a Male and 47 years old. My current weight is 90 Kg. I have been using medicines for BP for the last 15 years and ,medicines for Diabetes for the last 6 months. Please suggest me Diet to be followed and ways and means to stay fit and live longer.


Venkat, you havent mentioned your height or medications. Since you are diabetic, it will not be proper if I gave a diet chart without knowing your medications. But I can give you tips on good eating. Firstly and most importantly, cut out fried foods, oily foods, avoid eating at hotels, avoid sweets, sugared drinks, and chocolates.

Also you need to reduce intake of rice, rotis, potatoes. Eat high fibre foods like dals, whole grains, whole fruits (not juices) and lots of vegetables.

Keep regular time for eating. Keep 5 hours gap between meals. Drink water before and after every meal. Your BP and diabetes will improve a lot with weight reduction. Try to be physically active with moderate exercise like walking for a few minutes initially and then increasing gradually.

name amarnath
age 24
height 175 cm
weight 100kg
needed diet chart

Follow the diet below Please do a complete blood test before you start diet.

Start morning with 2 glasses of water.

Idlis 3 with sambar or chutney , a fruit
coffee or tea with milk, slightly sugared

Lunch – 2 teacups rice (cooked portion) with any dal, a plate of green salad, vegetable curry, one cup fat free curds or buttermilk

Tea time- an ounce of boiled peanuts , tea of coffee

Dinner – 3 chapatis – no oil
dal or paneer curry
one fruit

NO fast foods, or eating at restaurants, NO sweets, chocolates, fried snacks or soft drinks. Walk for 20 minutes daily for 2 weeks. Increase to 40 minutes next 2 weeks and to one hour in 6 weeks.

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