Nutrition Q&A: Diet chat for diabetic patient

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Ms.Parvathy R.Krishnan,
I am a diabetic patient for the past 12 years.
I am a female aged 66 years.
I am presently taking the following medications:

Galvus -50 mg.                 Dosage     1 – 0 – 1      )(
Zoryl – 2                                                  1 – 0 – 1     )(FOR DIABIETIC

Eltroxin      150 mcg                           1 – 0 – 0        FOR THYROID

Shelcal M                                                0 – 1 –  0      FOR THYROID

Teleact 40 mg                                        0 – 1 – 0       FOR BLOOD PRESSURE

my sugar level is between 140 to 160 – random check up after P.P.  it is between 200 to 240 in the morning i am taking oats 100g. lunch 100gms. of rice with veg. night 4 chapatis with sidish. will you please advise me for my diet chart.


Parimala, you have not mentioned your weight and height. Still based on your blood tests and present diet, you may follow this:

oats and fat free milk,
one orange
lunch – rice 100 gms cooked weight with lots of vegetables and 1/2 cup dal any variety,
evening – tea
one tablespoon nuts
dinner – 2 chapatis dry, with dal and vegetables, raita. One guava
Follow this and check your blood sugar. Keep 5 hours gap between main meals. What is the HbA1c?

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