Nutrition Q&A: Diet plan for the forties

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This week’s answers:

1. My name is Vijayalakshmi from Bangalore. I give below my details. Kindly suggest me ideal diet plan for everyday, as I wish to follow the same. Sex : Female Age : 38 years Height : 5 feet 5 inches Weight : 65 kgs Location : bangalore Pure Vegetarian – South Indian I am a working woman, 9 to 5.30 desk job, one daughter aged 3 years. Father was diabetic, he is no more. Mother does not have either BP or sugar. Please suggest me ideal exercise and diet as I am nearing my 40’s I would like to maintain a healthy body.
Thanking you best wishes

Yes, it is good you are thinking ahead as past 40 is when you slowly increase your weight. You should try to maintain present weight throughout till you go past menopause. Since you are not overweight the assumption is that you are eating good. But, since the metabolic rate reduces beyond 40 years, the following tips will help you stay on your ideal weight.

Most importantly, you need to do any kind of aerobic exercise for 30 minutes daily or at least 5 times a week. You need to reduce ghee and all cooking oils to 25ml/day and take a tablespoon of nuts ( any kind) daily. Choose to eat foods which are not fried or greasy. Reduce sweets to a minimum. Instead eat fruits and lots of vegetables both as salad and cooked. Have a light dinner. You also need to have 2 cups of low fat milk and/or yoghurt/curds daily

2. i having pcod problem plz suggest me diet
Please read the article on this on bawarchi.
Basically eat more complex carbohydrates and protein. Even if you are not overweight you may still apply these tips to your daily eating.

3. From which medicines do we get bad cholestrol ????? Nd do we get hairloss and grey hair due 2 cholestrol!
Some medications like Prednisolone (cortisone) , certain drugs used to treat hypertension, steroids used to build muscle, birth control pills, may raise blood cholesterol. Hair loss may be due to hormonal imbalance (which also causes high cholesterol), slow thyroid, bad nutrition. Medications used to treat high blood pressure, arthritis, gout, depression, birth control pills may cause hair loss.

4. hai,i am following gd diat,taking fruits,fish&vegitableevery day 1 hour walking,chicken once in a week.recently i check my Cholostrol its showing 235.Some times i feel light headness&sinking.Can any body help me on this?
Please see a physician and do a complete check up.

5. hi mam. i m 25 years old i have a 19 months kid.i have put on weight in last one year…i am 70 kgs with 5″1 tall.i know i am overweight.i am working out since past 45 days burning 300-350 calories/day by workouts…still i feel i have not reduced any weight and i take wheat chapatis during dinner…but i feel there is some shape difference.but no weight loss.
Sathya, you need to eat healthy along with the exercise. If you are eating oily foods or snacks and eating sweets, then you will not reduce weight. Check bawarchi for follow this plan and add a small sweet or snack to your liking. let me know the results. You need to reduce about 15 kilos. Please reduce all your weight before you have another baby or you will end up adding weight with each pregnancy.

6. My age 38, wt 104 kg, ht 6’3″ Can you suggest a diet plan , iam a veg and take non veg rarely I am diabetic but is now around 140, my BP is normal
thanks mam

VS Sharma
Are you on medications for diabetes? If so I need to know what kind and dose (if insulin) before suggesting diet. You should be aiming to bring your weight down to 82kg. If you are on insulin this should be a slow process.

7. Dear Doctor, I am a diabetic and working women. 43 yrs (9.30 am to 6.30 PM). I have to start at 8.30 am and back around 8 to home. Though I am under medication, I am unable to control Sugar and B.P. — last 40-45 days am suffering from irritation underneath the feet. Please suggest the correct diet and exercise. I am suffering from knee joint pains also.
Kindly help

Please see your diabetologist or podiatrist to check the irritation under the feet. It is very important especially since your blood sugar is not under control.
You have not mentioned your diabetic medications, weight or height.
So what I can give you is only the time for spacing your meals.
Breakfast at 8am, mid morning fruit at 11am, lunch at 2pm, evening snack at 5pm and dinner by 9pm. Do not eat anything after you get back home other than the dinner. Snacking at this time will increase blood sugar. Keep a time frame for eating. Erratic timings will increase blood sugar. Please check your blood sugars at different times of the day to see when it is high so it is easier to change the particular meal at that time.

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