Nutrition Q&A: Diet plan for thyroid

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My self seema kaushik my weight was 86 but now i have lose 7 kg in 2 months but i want to lose at least 10 kg more so please send me a proper diet plan so i can lose my weight with having health problem.i an doing job and my profile relates to complete sitting work

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seema Kaushik

Seema, it is medically advisable to reduce only up to 8 kilos in 2 months. To reduce this much, exercise 45 minutes to one hour daily. You have not mentioned your height or health problems, so I can give you just basic tips to reduce weight. Eat a little less than you normally eat at each meal. Cut out fried foods and sweets, chocolates, cream, butter, ghee, ice cream, commercial snacks. Instead increase whole grains, eat fruits like apple, pears, guava between meals and salads with vinegar whenever you are hungry.

Hello Dear Parvathy Radhakrishnan,

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Please find the below info of my sister(Home maker).

Age : 38 yrs
Sex : Female
Height : 5.3
Weight : 58Kgs
Location : Chandigarh

Actually my sister is having thyroid problem because of that she always feel tired.She is having dullness on her face and there is no glow.Plz suggest some good diet plan for her .And also when she got up in the morning she got puffiness on her eyes and also she is having dark circles.

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Anshu, very nice of you to be concerned on your sister’s behalf. I presume she has seen a doc and is on medication because that is the first step. Next is to be physically active, so daily exercise is important. Thirdly, she should not eat any fried foods, or sugary foods. Please read my article for detailed info.
breakfast: 2 idlis with sambar , tea or coffee with low fat milk
between meals: a glass of coconut water and a plate of salad with vinegar
lunch : A fistful of cooked rice , non veg ,made with less oil, vegetables, 1/2 cup non fat curds,
Evening: tea, a fruit
dinner: a bowl of branflakes with non fat milk , (no sugar), and a fruit


My mother is 50 suffering from diabetic neuropathy.she was diagnosed with ckd last year and with in a year her condition deteriorated.

I am trying my best to give diet in a low pottasium and sodium.she has been given a dialysis yesterday and was asked t come twice a week since her creatine levels are around 6.She is not able to complete her sentences, her voice is breaking down.she is sleeping a lot.Please tell me the necessary steps that i should take and please tell me if dialysis is required twice a week as doctor told.Is there anything i should do?

I want my mother to wlk as before.we dont know if she is unable to walk is because neuropathy or the swelling of her legs.She has put on 110 kg weight in 2 months.Please tell me what shopuld i do??Should i go for ayurveda or Homeopathy.Please tell me how else should i see that she has a good intake of food,as she does not have appetite.

waiting for your reply!!
Srinvas Meduri

Personally I think dialysis is the better option. I am not an expert on ayurveda or homeopathy to help you with this query. But from nutrition point, your mother has put on weight because of insulin treatment and badly managed diet and drug. She should still avoid potassium foods, salt and have low protein on days she is not doing dialysis. Without seeing her blood tests I may not be able to help you. Foods that are ok to have are apple, Guava, Grapes, Pears Pineapple 1/2 cup, Watermelon 1/2 cup Raw vegetables = Lettuce, Onions, Cucumber, Parsley, Capsicum.Cooked vegetables= EggplantOkraBeetrootCluster beansBottle gourdBitter gourd,Zucchini,Turnips, Artichoke, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Bamboo shoots,Alfalfa sprouts.

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