Nutrition Q&A: Diet restrictions for gout

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This week’s answer:

I would like to know the Diet ( Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) that a person with Gout should ideally eat. You have mentioned about Foods to avoid. Can we have the good foods that a Gout affected person should eat. What about Avurvedic or Homeopathic medicines/remedies for Gout.
We await your response
Rao, you can eat whatever you want for the three meals but excluding those mentioned to be avoided. There are only a few items that you need to restrict or avoid when you have gout, mainly animal proteins and alcohol.

All other foods are good for you. The mainstay of treatment for gout is medication. Diet restrictions are secondary, but necessary and supportive. I am not in a position to advice on homeopathic or ayurvedic medications or diet for gout.

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