Nutrition Q&A: Diet to control blood pressure

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This week’s answers:

1.My age is 58 years, Height 160cms wt. 63.5 kgs. before a week I examined blood tes the result as follows.

Blood sugar 120/ 164

urine sugar nil/1.5% HBA1C 7.0 cholestrol 138 HDL 23 LDL 115

Sodium 155 Chloride 115 BP is 180/90

Now how to control BP and kow to increase HDL and how to decrease sodium and chloride, I am doing diet and excercsie also. Please give me guidlines.

Thanking U


I need to know your complete medical history. Diet cannot be given based on blood tests reading alone since your Hba1c is raised, blood sugar is high, you have blood pressure and electrolytes elevated.

What medications do you take for all this? Are you a diabetic? How long have you had hypertension?

Anyway to answer your question regarding reducing blood pressure, fruits and vegetables are the best along with whole grains. And no animal fats or meats.

Please read the article DASH diet to control BP for more information.

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