Nutrition Q&A: Drawing up a diabetes diet plan

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This week’s answers:

1. Can any one suggest, how much calories are required for the full day, for an adult for who does not have much exercise? what could be the ideal food habits ?
Calories for a sedentary or lightly active person depends on his height, age and present weight. But generally this may be between 1800kcal – 2200kcal.
Ideal food habits for any person is restricting sugar and fatty foods, eating more of vegetables and fruits, avoiding refined flours and taking whole grains instead. Choose low fat dairy products and lean meat.

2. went through your article. it is quite informative. my cholesterol hdl level is 7.64 and total hdl/ldl ratio is 4.94 though i am exercising daily and not having much of fat foods. doc says it is hereditary. pl. advice whether i can continue taking coffee/tea with sugar, dry fruits, nuts, root vegetables and rice. pl. advice.

Yes, you may take tea/coffee, sugar (limited), nuts, all vegetables and rice (limited). If it is hereditary you may need to take medication and please do not stop exercising.

3. Dear Madam, just a couple of months back I found that I have diabetes. My height 163 and weight 62.5 and 33 old and Male. I am able to check my fasting. It is in between 110 to 130. Please guide me what I can eat and not.Daily I am walking nearly 4.5KM. I am not eating sugar or any related sweets but still it is not reducing. Daily I am have Breakfast ( Idli Dosa or Upma) Afternoon 3Chapathis and littel bit rice with Dal and curries. Night Having One chapathi and Salad (Brockli, Leafs, Raddish, Cabage, Karret etc).
Veera Reddy
You have not mentioned any fruits or milk/yoghurt. Because these things will help you.
At lunch have 2 chapatis and a little rice.
Later in the evening, have a fruit.
Dinner have one chapati and vegetables as mentioned by you. Add 1/4 cup legumes with the chapati as this helps control sugar.
Please keep 12 hrs gap between dinner and breakfast. Bedtime have 125ml glass low fat milk or curds.
FBS 110 is fine.
When it shows higher than this then write down what you ate the night before and check to see if you have eaten extra or too little. Let me know.
Your exercise should not be too late into the evening. Keep doing what you do now.

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