Nutrition Q&A: Eating healthy in the rainy season

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This week’s answers:

1. Respected Ma’am. I am 54years old married woman (ht- 4 ft 11inches and wt-64.5kgs)having two grown up children stay in Assam, Guwahati.I am enclosing the findings of my investigations below with an expectation of getting some valuable suggestion for its betterment.

Calcium 9.3 mg%
Phosphorus 3.0 mg%
Lipid Profile – Fasting
Cholestrol – Total 205 mg%
Tryglyceride serum 157 mg%
Cholestrol – HDL 44 mg%
Cholestrol – LDL 122 mg%
Vitamin D(25 OH) 19.03

Ma’am, I will be highly grateful to you if you kindly guide me in improving my above findings. I am allergic to dust & dirt, seasonal changes, perfumes or any strong smells etc, so I have to use inhaler, Sero Flo 250( 1 puff) alongwith Motair 10, every day( 1 tab). I take vit E( Evion 400) 1 tab every alternative day, Sandocal500 with vit D3 and Multivitamin capsule( 1tab)daily.

with due regards
Indrani Banerjea
Indrani, your blood profile is not too bad. Total cholesterol needs to be brought down a little more and kept below 200, Tgl below 150 and HDL should be raised to over 50.
The best way is to be physically active. Exercise for about 40 minutes to one hour alternate days. Eat a high fibre diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains. Avoid very oily foods, fried foods, sweets, and try to cook in less oil. Use traditionally used oils like mustard or sesame for cooking.

This way you will reduce your weight which in turn will help you get a good blood profile.

2. Dear Ms Parvathy, I have been following your advices regularly and eager to get a remedy to my long time worry.
I am a 42 years old vegetarian male, 164cms tall, small frame and weigh about 59kgs, no ailments & healthy.
My issue is persistant belly from my childhood. Since my childhood I always had a small noticable bump which now is developed into a 87cms belly + flabs around my waist. while I have always been successful in not getting above 60kgs till now, the belly would not go away. From my adolescence I worked out moderately and have toned though not muscular chest, arms legs but my tummy contumes to persist and embarass. Though my occupation is sedentary, I always eat only half-full, avoid sugar and carb, work out on an elliptical trainer 20 to 45 mins 3 times a week. I drink alcohol in absolute moderation that too occasionally only for socialising. I do not smoke. Last August I completed a health check well – treadmill I achieved the targeted heart rate. Please tell me a way how I shed my tummy.

KG Murali
Murali, looks like you need to do exercises specific for your waist. Since your occupation is sedentary, there is bound to be flabbiness especially with a sitting down job. Also pull in your tummy whenever you walk or climb stairs.

3. Hi Mam, I am a 30yr old male. I am 173cms tall and weigh 76kgs. I reduced 3kgs in one month by using a herbalife Formula 1 product at the behest of a trainer at the gym. While I am happy with the results, I feel I have not done the right thing.

I exercise for one hour everyday, between cardio and weights alternatively, since I did not see good results (there was no alternation in my diet plan). And I tried the above product, I know on long term its not right. But need to incorporate a good diet plans to compensate with enough proteins / minerals / vitamins.

I leave to office early at 5.30am hence I am forced to eat at the company including lunch. Its difficult to prepare something that early and return by 7.00 in the evening and get to eat one meal at home. I need some help in preparing a diet plan which will help me fight the calories, my aim is to reduce abdominal fat and improve my muscles stamina.

Abhilash Jutur

Abhilash, I need to know what kind of food is served at your workplace. So I can guide you to choose the correct food items from those available. Meanwhile continue eating what you eat for breakfast, but reduce food at lunch time. Reduce by 1/3 from the carbohydrates like rice or rotis. Choose non-fried items or at least go for low fat food options.
Have a light dinner including fruits and vegetables. Continue exercise pattern. You need to concentrate on maintaining your weight at 73 kg and not reducing.

4. Hi, I am 39 years old my height is 5ft 2″ and weight is 66 kgs. I do 50-75 suryanamaskars and yoga asanas for 40 mins and go walking for 1 hour everyday at least 5-6 times a week. Am a pure vegetarian (no eggs also). Can you please suggest a balanced diet for weight loss.
Breakfast 2 idlis or 2 no oil dosas with sambar , ½ cup fat free milk.

Mid morning Any one fruit (vary don’t eat the same)

Lunch 2 dry chapattis with dal (any kind) curry, a plate of salad, vegetable curry/sauté, one glass fat free buttermilk, 3 dates.

Tea or coffee, with a cup of popcorn or 2 tablespoon nuts or 2 digestive biscuits

Dinner one glass of fat free milk with a handful of whole grain cereal or ragi , one fruit .

6. I have a high cholestral my doctor has suggested not to eat any fruits except papaya. Pl. tell me whether it is right or wrong
All fruits may be eaten. They will help in reducing cholesterol.

7. hi, i am from punjab and its really hot in summers so i needed to ask can flax seeds be taken in summers too? or are these to be taken in winters only?
Flax seeds may be eaten anytime of the year.

8. What we should eat & what not in rainy season
umesh kamboj
Avoid drinking unbottled water. Drink boiled cooled water or bottled water. Avoid ice creams and juices from wayside eateries that may not be hygienic. All foods cooked at home may be eaten without restriction.

9. Good Morning. How good is Aval (brown- Poha) a substitute for rice? Any side effects of weight gaining, sugar due to daily consuming of Aval.
Yes, poha is a good substitute for rice. No, you should not be increasing blood sugar or weight if eating the right quantity of any food including poha.

10. I am a 63 yrs old male having diabetes since 10 years; Taking insulin since 7 years;My present count of serum creatinine is 1.6 which was 1.3 until Feb.2012; Does it mean my kidnies’ have started getting affected by diabetes ?
Yes it could be so. I suggest you discuss this with your attending physician to find out. Creatinine also shows high if dehydrated or from sudden loss of muscle.

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