Nutrition Q&A: Foods that lower creatinine levels

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This week’s answers:

1. Sir/madam, I am 61 year old man having serum creatinine ranges between 1.4 to 1.7. At present i am on holistic herbal medicine for last 6 months plus nicardia-20mg. O.D. I need the dietary suggestions, what type of food to take to control my s.c. so that it should not aggravate to serious kidney problems. I Am serving in pharma company.
please guide me.

pankaj shah.

You have not mentioned the underlying reason for your elevated serum creatinine. High creatinine level indicates kidney not functioning well.
You need to reduce protein foods particularly animal proteins. Avoid saturated fats and generally fatty foods and also salt to keep your blood pressure under control. Try to eat more vegetarian.
Please check your blood tests to see what else is elevated like potassium etc.

2. But I want to know completely (type of exercise, what to take during breakfast, lunch and dinner etc )about how to loos weight and reduce the tummy.
Thanks and Regards

If you want to lose weight eat less fat and exercise. Any exercise that you like to do is fine. Important thing is to continue doing it daily.
As for a diet plan I can give you one if you send me your age, height, weight and present eating habits.
When you lose weight, you will also lose tummy. But you can do abdominal muscle strengthening exercises later on.

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