Nutrition Q&A: Foods to avoid in gout attacks

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This week’s answers:

1. Hello,Im 23 yrs female. Height 5.4 inch weight 62kgs.iam bit chubby n getting belly fat. am trying to maintain a fit and healthy body n i want to reduce my weight..I would like to know the exact diet plan to follow in my daily routine.
Preetha, you are within normal range of weight . Therefore your goal should be to keep the good weight and not reduce. For this you need to exercise 30 minutes a day and avoid eating fried foods, heavy desserts, chocolates and refined carbs. Eat your 3 meals and choose fruits as between snacks. For reducing tummy, you need to do abdomen specific exercises or yoga. Pulling in your tummy when you walk or climb stairs also strengthens abs muscles.

2. i am a heart patient and put stent in 2006. at present facing uric acid problem it is 11. so gout attacked at right foot and unable to walk freely. i want to know which type of food to eat to control uric acid. please mention indian names.

V Amarnth
As a heart patient you should speak to your physician about the increased uric acid because certain drugs like aspirin are known to increase uric acid. Perhaps your doctor may want to change some medications for you and also to give you medication to reduce uric acid and gout attacks.

As for diet, you need to totally avoid red meats, liver, kidneys, small fishes like anchovies, mackerel, sardines and gravies of meat, chicken or fish always. Also during a gout attack, avoid or reduce lentils, spinach, oats, mushrooms and green peas. You need to eat more fruits and drink sufficient water.

3. i am suffering from high colestrol 525. pls let me know .what we have to do
Altaf Patel
With a cholesterol level as high as yours you will need to take medication. For diet, please read the article How to reduce cholesterol in the indian diet

4. I am 65years old and I am weighing 88kgs. dr has suggested me bring down weight to 70kgs. Kindly suggest the nutrition intake. daily I am walking for 4-5kms and doing excercise for 30mts, from last several years, but only I am not in position to reduce the weight, in question. I am free from sugar,diabetic and I do not have any other kind of ailment.

Please follow the diet given. Continue your exercise. You have not mentioned your height so I do not know how overweight you are.

Bed coffee or tea

Breakfast – milk 1/2 cup, 2 idlis with sambar, or coriander chutney

Mid morning – one apple or 1/2 grapefruit or moosambi

Lunch – one tea cup rice, one cup cooked vegetables dry or curry, one cup salad, 2 ounce chicken or 1 cup beans/lentils curry ( 2 tsp oil for the cooking ) ½ cup curd, 2 or 3 dates

Evening snack – 1 tablespoon nuts, tea

Dinner – 2 dry roti, one serving dal, ½ cup vegetable, one cup salad, ½ cup curds, one fruit,(papaya/pineapple/guava/watermelon/orange) 1tsp oil

Also read my article How to reduce weight with your own diet

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