Nutrition Q&A: Fruits for diabetics

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This week’s answers:

1. madam, iam a pure vegetarian,me and my husband both has little bit of high colostrol,we are doing the walking regularly by 45minutes.we need a diet plan without egg and nonveg.we are roti lovers,and we would like to know the easy diet plan to loose the weight and cholesterol too.

Please read my article How to reduce cholesterol in the Indian diet. This will guide you to reduce fat in your diet and help in losing weight too. Basically as vegetarians you may restrict ghee, butter, and cream. Go for skimmed milk and curds, low fat paneer. Eat all kinds of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes. Reduce oil in cooking and avoid deep fried foods, snacks, sweets.

2. Hello Doctor,

I’m 29 weeks pregnant. I under gone test for sugar in 29 weeks, it was around 139 mm. Could you please guide us

1. What breakfast i need to have

2. Lunch

3. Dinner

4. Which fruites i need to take and

5. what is the time gap is needed to have meals.

Please do the needful

I can give you a diet only if you provide your age, height, weight before pregnancy and now, all blood tests and your daily eating pattern. You need to eat 3 meals and snacks in between. Please get tips from the diet article on Pregnant women. You may include all fruits except papaya and pineapple. There should be 5 to 6 hrs gap between meals. 139 is fasting or post prandial?

3. Madam, I am 55 and diabetic for last 20 years. My Blood sugar is under control and strictly follow food/medication & exercise. I am becoming slim though i maintain the same weight for last 10 years.Whenever my friends and relatives meet me after some period they tell us that I have reduced. Should I worry about becoming slim ?

Kindly give me your advise on this.regards,

If you are maintaining your desirable weight then you need not worry about other people’s comments about “how you look “. But if you are losing weight as shown on the weighing balance then you need that to be investigated.

You can try resistance exercise to tone your muscles if you feel you are losing muscle which happens in long term diabetics.

4. Greetings. I read an article in which they advised that diabetics can take bananas and it is not forbidden. But a contrary theory is available. What are the fruits which a diabetic to avoid. Please advise.
All fruits are permitted for the diabetic including bananas but in specified portions. Some fruits have more calories than other fruits. Bananas, mangoes, dates are high in carbohydrates and therefore for easy compliance they are usually avoided.1/2 a small banana or 3 dates is correct quantity to eat. By weight 75 to 100 grams of other fruits at a time is all right. Two or three fruits a day is okay to eat spaced out in the day.

5. It is very useful to me .thanks for ur suggestion.but i have an ulcer in stomech.please give menu for me


As long as you avoid coffee, pepper, chillis and too spicy foods you can follow any diet plan to reduce weight. It is important that you do not skip a meal or have long gaps between meals. Hope you are on medication for ulcer. Also avoid high fiber foods like branflakes. Other naturally occurring fibre from fruits, grains and vegetables are fine.

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