Nutrition Q&A: Getting it right in your 30s

Nutrition and Dietetics expert, Parvathy Radhakrishnan answers readers’ questions on nutrition. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Wednesday.
This week’s answers:

1. Iam 57 years old sufering from diabetes from 18 years and HBPfrom last one year. I have taken LOSAR_H daily one and Gynase MF 2 daily. and I am 160 cms in height and62.6 kgs in weight. chest is 35 inches. Now My BP is 145/60 and bloossugar is normal InFast 88 by Glucometer last 5days back.I request tha tBP is it normal fo my age? I have sufficient excersie 25 minutes briskwalkand nearly 5 km walking through out the day. give suggestion in your end
A G Natesh

Yes I think you are doing fine.

2. Dear Sir / Madam,Age: 40, Hight: 5′.6″, Weight: 66My Regular Diet is: Break Fast : 15 pcs of Badam, 1 Apple, Orange Juice, Milk. Lunch: Rice with Egg or Veg Curr, Dinner: Rice with Fish or Veg Curry, Night : One Glass of Milk. Since last month, I am going to Gym. I would like to increase my weight up to 70kgs. Is it ok?. And my Gym Trainer is sugest me to take Protin Powder for doing best exercises… please advice.

Unless you are weight training for some event, I suggest you do not increase your weight to 70kg as you would be at the upper limit of weight range for your height. Just exercise at the gym for keeping yourself fit and healthy. When you exercise sufficiently and eat balanced, muscle is built without a need for extra protein powders. Should you prefer to take it then have it in low fat milk preferably after the exercise session.

Do add salads and vegetables to your diet. Also add some whole grain bread/cereal in the morning breakfast. The muscle needs several minerals like chromium, magnesium etc and whole grains will provide this.

3. iam 29 yrs the metabolism slow in the age 29-30…how to increase it?n be fit with the right weight…iam 29 yrs height 173cms n weight 80 kgs.
Metabolic rate slows down with age. So past 30 yrs, it is time to slowly reduce food intake or increase physical activity to be at the right weight. I suggest you assess your diet to see if you are eating low fat and high fibre. Also try to exercise 45 minutes/day x 5 times a week. Please remember that past 40 yrs, it gets difficult to reduce weight as you enter your pre menopausal age. So act now!

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