Nutrition Q&A: Greens are good for your eyes

Nutrition and Dietetics expert, Parvathy Radhakrishnan answers readers’ questions on nutrition. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Wednesday.
This week’s answers:

1. Good morning Madam! How can i above to reduce my weight minimum 10kg with 2 to 3 months? What do i need to do? What can above achieve this? Is it possible or not please?
Balanced eating and increased physical activity can lead to a healthy weight loss of 2 to 4 kilo per month. You need to visit a dietician who can plan your diet/exercise regimen according to your present activity and eating. You may start with cutting down on fats and exercising daily.

2. what foods should a woman with gestational diabetes eat?
All healthy foods that are nutrient dense, high fibre and moderate fat should be eaten like any other pregnant woman. Planned steady weight gain is needed during the gestational period.

3. dear parvathy, we use coconut chutney 3 times a week. Is it bad for those who already have cholesterol?
If coconut is used only 3 times a week as part of a generally low fat cooking then it should be fine. But if you use coconut in all your cooking along with other sources of saturated fats like coconut oil, animal fats, dairy fats then perhaps you need to reassess your menu.

4. hi, which greens are good for eyes? Also I read somewhere that greens help us absorb iron better. Is this true. What if we don’t eat it most of the days as we are too busy to clean and cook them, then how does iron get absorbed?
All foods containing Vitamin A like greens, yellow vegetables and fruits are good for eyes. Greens also contain iron. Foods containing Vitamin C is needed for iron absorption. So any source of vitamin C like citrus fruits should be eaten on a daily basis.

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