Nutrition Q&A: Guava is good for diabetics

Nutrition and Dietetics expert, Parvathy Radhakrishnan answers readers’ questions on nutrition. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Wednesday.
This week’s answers:

1. Re 5 carbs for weight loss: Amongst the grains that you’ve mentioned, which ones can be safely consumed by a person having PCOS and fibroids? Thanks,
All high fibre whole grains can be safely eaten. But make sure it is balanced with protein and moderate fat intake. A diet high in carbohydrate alone is bad for those with PCOS.

2. Hi, my name is meena and I have heard that horse gram helps in reducing weight.does it contain lot of protein and if consumed on a regular basis lead to bulk muscle gain?
One item of food alone does not contribute to weight loss. You may consume horse gram as part of a restricted calorie diet. Exercise is needed to build muscle.

3. Hello doctor, pl could you tell me how to increase the weight of my underweight son age 3 yrs, weight 19 kgs.
Why would you want to do that, Shweta? At 19 kg he is not underweight.

4. I am diabetic for last 1 yr. I have been eating raw guava once a day but read somewhere that guava is rich in sugar. Is it safe for diabetics? Pl advice
Guava may be considered as one of the best fruit ever. You may continue eating it daily. All fruits contain sugar but eating them is healthy because of the fibre and vitamins in them. For diabetics it is better to eat fruits that are just ripe instead of over ripe so that you get more of complex sugars.
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