Nutrition Q&A: High cholesterol diet

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This week’s answers:

1. Had to undergo Angioplasty with stenting to overcome 2 Vessel diseases. Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, and Blood Pressure are normal. I was a smoker and quit it recently. What should be the diet restrictions.
SR Pillai
You need to follow a low fat, high fiber diet to avoid restenosis of the artery. By following the guidelines given below you can acheive a healthy diet.

Foods to avoid- red meats, fried fish/fried shellfish, egg yolks ( 2 per week is permitted), regular cheeses (low fat is allowed), whole milk/buttermilk, milk shakes, icecream, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, palm oil, butter, ghee, dressings made of yolk like mayonnaise, milk chocolate, commercial snacks/confectionery, high fat sweets like gulab jamuns, halwas, etc
Foods allowed – all kinds of fruits and vegetables, whole grain products, legumes,lean meat, nonfat milk/buttermilk, low fat cheeses, poultry without skin, fish, egg whites etc
Use sesame, sunflower, sasfflower, soya, mustard, olive oils.
Cook foods with less oil.

2. Dear Ms. Parvathy,
My husband has very high cholesterol and triglycerides and because of this he had an Acute pancreatitis.
Please advise on all the food, fruits, vegetables he can eat and food, fruits and vegetables he should not be eating. He is 39 years old. Looking forward to hearing from you Regards, Divya

Divya, he should avoid deep fried foods and saturated fats like ghee, butter, cream, whole milk, red meat, coconut oil/milk, palm oil, organ meats like liver, kidneys and avoid high sugar foods like sugared drinks and sweets (Please read my article on cholesterol for details)
He should emphasise on low fat foods, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, whole cereals/grains, fish.
If he is over weight he needs to reduce weight gradually.
You also shoulder a major responsibility by cooking his food with good oils like sunflower, sesame, olive, soybean, and also making sure you do not have fatty foods on his daily menu.

3. madam, I am 46 year old. My father is affected with diabetes. I used to check diabetes periodically. It is observed sugar levels are so up and down. Whether i have to go for treatmen tor not? pl advise me
Yes you should see a diabetologist and take advise. He will ask you to get appropriate blood tests done and accordingly decide your treatment. He may want you to try diet and exercise before he starts you on medications.

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